Firmer rates for lighter Euroa steers

Commission buyers were active at the Euroa sale

COMMISSION SUPPORT: Commission buyers helped put a floor in this month's Euroa store sale.

COMMISSION SUPPORT: Commission buyers helped put a floor in this month's Euroa store sale.


Lighter weight cattle dominate Euroa store sale


Commission buyers helped put a floor in this month’s Euroa store cattle sale, which saw 1400 head yarded.

Landmark’s Russell Mawson said a significant section of the offering was lighter weight cattle, ranging between 180-250kilograms.

“That tells us the industry is digging deep into the younger herd, to try and protect breeding females,” Mr Mawson said.

Commission buyers Grant Campbell, Duncan Brown, Elders Launceston and TB White, Ballarat, were particularly active, although no one purchaser stood out.

“You have to thank the buyers, they really stuck by this job,” Mr Mawson said.

“Everyone is doing it tight at the other end, but these guys rallied and didn’t try to belt us.”

He said support on the younger female cattle was encouraging.

“Most people realise the numbers are running down, and it’s a great time to put a few females away, with the thought that one day it’s going to rain again.”

Landmark’s Brad Gleeson said agents didn’t have high expectations of the stock, due to the limited availability of water and grass.

Prices across the heavier run of yearling steers were generally 10-20c/kg cheaper.

“Once onto the lighter weight weaner steers, prices picked up and were generally firm, being quoted from 270-300c/kg

Heifers were generally of secondary breeding and condition types.

“Prices varied, depending on breed, with many of the Angus and Angus cross cattle sold to fully firm rates, with strong demand for these cattle to go to future grain feeding,” Mr Gleeson said.

There were very few pens of cows and calves offered, with one pen of four by four Angus selling for $1180.

A larger offering of joined females, many of which were believed to have been offered due to lack of water and feed, were mainly bought by processors, at kill value rates.

Among the top sales were Talasker, 11 Angus steers, 12-months old, averaging 390kg, which fetched $1120, or 287c/kg.

Burnview sold 13 Angus steers, eight months old, averaging 340kg, for $950, or 279c/kg, while Monea Park received $1030 for 12 Glenmodest-Spry blood Angus cross steers, averaging 360kg.

The 11-12-month-old steers sold for 286c/kg.

A pen of 19 Charolais steers, five to six months old, sold for $675.

They averaged 229kg and fetched 294c/kg.

Rodwells sold 11 steers, offered by Charlie Morris, averaging  409kg, for $1100, or 268/kg, while Seven Creeks estate received $910 for 11 steers, averaging 342kg, or 266c/kg.

A pen of nine Angus heifers, offered by J&R Dean, averaging 300kg, sold for $670, or  223c/kg.


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