Wodonga store cattle prices bat on bravely

A pleasing report for Wodonga store cattle given the circumstances


An exceptionally large yarding of 4200 store cattle saw prices battled on bravely at NVLX Barnawartha


An exceptionally large yarding of 4200 store cattle saw prices battled on bravely at NVLX Barnawartha on Thursday.

With almost 100 percent of NSW affected by drought and much of northern Victoria slipping into the same condition, selling agents Corcoran Parker, Elders Rural and Paull and Scollard Landmark quoted sales easier than the previous months annual weaner sales, but in line with more recent local district sales.

“We are lucky some of our Valley’s producers still have the resources to trade” said CP auctioneer Leigh McEvoy.

“It was a pleasing result really. It was a mixed yarding, the condition has slipped from most of the cattle but there was always a number of bidders in front of every pen making the result a good one considering the circumstances”, he said.

P&S Landmark auctioneer Matt Pitzen agreed the result was rather pleasing considering the extent of the easing in prime market rates over the past month.

“A number of our cattle yarded near today have come forward due to feed and water issues. They are stock that would have been normally retained given better circumstances” he said.

With regional lot-feeders the backbone of the competition for the heavier lines, heavy steers, 360-450kg, were sold from $950- $1220 a head, average 282c/kg live.

Lighter steers, 280-360kg, made $840- $1065, average 283c/kg while light weaners made $650 to $885, average 302c/kg.

The market for heifers tracked similar lines with regional lot feeders the cornerstone of the competition. Keen back-up support was also offered by local backgrounders plus interests from Tasmania and South Australia.

Heifers were mostly sold in a 240-270c/kg price bracket, with the heaviest, 360-450kg fetching $920- $1155 a head while heifers, 280-360kg, made $700 to $960.

Light weight heifers made $600 to $670 a head.

Opening the sale the interest in and demand for breeding females was limited.

In particular joined female lots, offering weight and condition, drew best support from processors while lighter lots were mostly sold at spill value or lower.

Best sales of Cows, with calves and foot and rejoined, made $1200 to $1425 while lighter cows, with calves made $850 to $1100 per outfit. 

PTIC heifers and cows made $1100 to $1300.


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