A thunderstorm of competition

Competition was very solid at Wangaratta for the annual steer calf sale

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The clouds were black, the lightening was picturesque, and competition was very good.


THE CLOUDS WERE BLACK, the lightening was picturesque, and competition was very good at Wangaratta, for the annual steer calf sale, Wednesday.

The temperature was lower, but the humidity rose, after a thunderstorm passed through, leaving little rain behind.

However competition was very good for the 2259 steers penned, which ranged from a few yearling steers that weighed up to 522kgs.

Feedlot buyers did make purchases, although prices were a little too high for them.

C Seletto, sold the top pen of steers for $1430, with most yearlings selling from $1030 to $1200, which was mostly 270 to 280c/kg lwt.

The main focus was on a good quality line up of weaned, and non weaned steers, ranging from 9-11 months.of age.

Feedlot buyers were among the crowd, but only purchased a load or two. Opportunity feeders, and processors ran a good race for the European breeds, but local competition was too strong in many places.

G,P&D Norman again won the Best Presented pen of steers, and these topped the calf section at $1200. Weighing just short of 400kgs, they equaled 307c/kg lwt.

Many of the Angus steers sold between $950 and $1170, being 285 to 318c/kg lwt.

A&J Simpson sold 35 Angus steers, 11-12 months, 345 to 402kgs, from $1110 to $1170.

The top weighted steers, 9-10 months, were Angus and Charolais steers of N&M Buchan. These steers were still running with their mothers, and been fed silage since early December.

Their Angus steers, 444kgs, sold for $1260, and their Charolais steers, 447kgs, made $1190. The Charolais steers were bought by a processor.

Lighter weight steers of Faldinghurst, East Wangaratta, sold from $940 to $1115 for their 68 Angus, Angus-Hereford, and Charolais-Angus steers.

It took a while for the weights of the steers to drop below 320kgs, and when they did, another level of competition emerged.

Steers were purchased for Bathurst, Coonamble, feedlots, processing, and for fattening in the local and surrounding districts.

European breeds sold mostly between $730 and $955 with A&M Hughes’s Simmental-Angus steers, 391kgs, making $1130.

Cheshire Family Trust sold 57 younger Angus steers, 263 to 314kgs, from $650 to $905.

Kensal Green Beef at Bungowannah has been sold, and they sold 85 spring drop Angus steers, 180 to 257kgs, from $595 to $740.

Kevin Corcoran, Corcoran Parker, said he was surprised by the strength of competition, especially considering the very poor season.

Wangaratta agents were holding their heifer sale this Friday at 10:30.


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