Buyers hot for Oatlands shorn lambs

Shorn lambs preferred buying at the Oatlands store lamb sale.

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Bidders had a definite preference for shorn lambs at the Oatlands January store lamb sale


Bidders displayed a definite preference for shorn lambs at the annual January store sheep sale at Oatlands, Tasmania on Thursday.

Competing for a yarding of 8700, prices for shorn lambs remained fully firm on the centre’s month earlier sale while prices for unshorn lambs eased $10 to $15 a head.

Market reporter Richard Bailey, NLRS, said quality was good for both shorn and unshorn lambs although the penning did not offer as much weight as the December sale.

“More unshorn lambs were offered than is normal for this time of the year as there presently a shortage of shearers in the state at moment”, Mr Bailey said.

“Competition was also not as keen with no interstate competition present and the recent hot weather playing its part” his report offered. 

Best heavy lambs made $125 to $138 a head, shorn medium weights from $115 to $132, unshorn $113 to $119 while light lambs, shorn and unshorn, made $100 to $119.

Roberts Limited auctioneer, Drew Skinner said that following a string of 30-plus degree days the season had turned quickly across Tasmania.

“There is now some risks associated with buying fattening lambs to finis. Mr Skinner said. “The only green patches remaining are summer crops under irrigation and because of this some of intensity was lost from the demand but the result was still very favorable for all” he said.

A variety of grown ewes and wethers were well supported by processors. 

Crossbred ewes made $80 to $120 a head, Merino ewes, $77 to $104, and light wethers, $66 to $84 a head.


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