Herefords shine at Hamilton on Day 3

Herefords still match it with the blacks on price and quality


Hereford and Euro-breeds buyers have bid steady prices at the Hamilton weaner sales.


Major and opportunity feeders along with a greater interest from NSW, the live export order and local grass finishers have bid steady prices on day three of the Hamilton weaner sales.

Competing for an outstanding offering of Hereford steers and mixed sex Euro-breed calves, the market held true to the previous days rates as sales overall averaged 295 cents per kilogram across the 2565 head penning.

The main feature of the Independent agents sale was one of the magnificent displays of EU-accredited Hereford steers to be found in the land.

Pushing weights to 434kg the heaviest in the line-up made 290c/kg for Leon and Sally Wheeler while a second pen of the Wheeler steers, 434kg, made 290c/kg.

Bruce and Debbie Miller, Nareen sold the first of their Rowan Hereford steers, 383kg, at 304c/kg while the led of the Pepper Partnerships’ Locherdal Hereford steers. 408kg made 308c/kg.

These along with the Malseed family family’s Orana Hereford steers, 375kg, that made 311kg were all sold to repeat buyer Paul Mason of Wellington, NSW.

Across the Hereford penning heavy steers 360-450kg made 286 to 311c/kg and averaged 300c/kg while lighter 280-360kg steers made 290 to 313c/kg, averaged 301c/kg.

Major feeders, Thomas Food,s, Ravensworth, Princess Royal, Garrison and JBS Australia where the primary contributors to the competition along with Elders Holbrook, Injemira Genetics, Landmark International, Landmark Leongatha, Rodwells Pakenham and Nathan Gibbon Livestock all added valuable support.

The Euro-breeds steer yarding was also a wonderful site to behold.

Malcolm and Sherri Robertson, Tahara Bridge were well rewarded on their draft of composite Simmental-Shorthorn- Hereford steer, 376 and 411kg, that made 310c/kg with John McErvale’s line of Simmental-Hereford-cross made 305c/kg for pens weighed at 378 and 406kg.

in the Charolais run Grassland, Port Fairy sold its heaviest pen 428kg at 290c/kg and a second pen 406kg at 295c/kg. Boolong, Heywood sold 11 Charolis 437kg also at 290 and a second of 35, 370kg at 297kg.

The Charolais best presented yard was award to Ricky Wills’, Carney Dell which at 279kg made 296c/kg.

A feature of the Euro-breeds display was the display of pure Limousin calves offered by the Neeson families, Narren. These heaviest of these, 393kg, offered by Glanleam made 296c/kg while pens by Innisfail, 306kg and again by Glanleam, 323kg made 329 and 330c/kg.

The demand for the Euro-breeds heifers was much better than expected.

The Cadell Simmental-cross heifers, 356kg made 285c/kg, the Boolong Charolais heifers, 399kg made 280c/kg, while the Carney Dell Charolais heifers, 336kg made 282c/kg.

But the sales highlight came almost on the apex of the sale when buyers lock horns of the pure Limousin Innisfail and Glanleam heifers which at 302 to 341kg made 325 to 336kg to feed.


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