Exporter order dominates Casterton steer sale

Strong support from an export order and grass finishers dominate Casterton

Weaner Sales

A buying order for export steers dominated the Casterton weaner steer sale and saw values equal to slightly firm on last year's sale.

The Gums: Nathan Faroe, The Gums, Casterton, forwarded a draft of Boonaroo steers with these 69 selling for 314c/kg or $1161 a head.

The Gums: Nathan Faroe, The Gums, Casterton, forwarded a draft of Boonaroo steers with these 69 selling for 314c/kg or $1161 a head.

There were plenty of prospective buyers gathering in the laneways prior to the start of the Casterton sale Tuesday, but one buyer in particular – Landmark International - quickly made the biggest impression.

For the first time Landmark and Elders combined for the Tuesday Annual Angus steer weaner sale and all involved heralded the move a great success.

After a good season around the nearby district, cattle consigned presented in excellent condition and as a result were as estimated 10 to 15 kilograms heavier than in 2018.

The buyer with the biggest impact was Landmark International which continued its buying from Hamilton on Monday to book a further 1000 steers from Casterton – or 42 percent of the yarding.

Landmark Casterton auctioneer Rick Smith said the season had been steady at the start before a mild winter before spring rains came in September and continued through which allowed vendors to finish off their calves.

That was indicated in the weights with most of the second drafts weighing 340 to 350 and the tops 360 to 400kg.

Mr Smith said Landmark International was strong from the start on any cattle in the 280 to 380kg range and they stayed strong the right way through.

He said they had the backing of strong support from repeat buyers headlined by Gippsland and South east of South Australia. Feedlotters also took some suitable pens.

Local repeat buyers were also active on select lines of EU cattle.

Values for the heavier end ranged from 300 to 305c/kg, but 310 to 320c/kg for lines that suited above 370kg.

Mr Smith said Landmark International stepped in on calves in the 340 to 360kg range at prices between 315 and 325c/kg for the better end calves.

Landmark Leongatha were active on suitable calves for taking through to bullocks.

Of the heavy end of steers Springvale sold 18 Pathfinder blood steers that weighed 453kg and sold for 290c/kg or $1313 a  head.

West Ridge forwarded a pen of 15 Boonaroo blood steers the weighed 419kg and sold for 306c/kg or $1282 a head.

Thirty steers, Boonaroo/Banquet/Glatz blood sold account Westral, sold for 306c/kg or $1245 at 407kg.

Also at the heavier end was a line of 13 steers sold account Jindalee that weighed 407kg and sold for 300c/kg or $1221 a head.

The sale started on big lines including 60 sold account Sunnyside that weighed 377kg and sold for 306c/kg or $1153.

Next up was a draft of 69 from The Gums weighing 370kg and making 314c/kg or $1161 while the seconds sold for 327c/kg for 40 and 325c/kg for 14.

Forrest View sold 22 Pathfinder blood steers that made 317c/kg or $1229 for the cattle that weighed 388kg.

Baroona’s Pathfinder blood steers sold for 328c/kg or $1249 for the pen of 68 that weighed 381kg.

At the lighter end was a pen of 48 Banquet/Dollar blood steers that sold account Wyandrafor 331c/kg, or $999 at 302kg. The same vendor sold 52 weighing 346kg that made 315c/kg or $1089.

Long time vendor at this sale, Kevin Upton, Glencairn, Casterton, sold a total of 158 steers to average of 321c/kg or $956.61 for the consignment that averaged 297kg. A pen of 28 Glencairn steers, 295kg, sold at 331c/kg or $976 a head.



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