Camperdown vendors happy with sale

Prices for top quality F1 females were solid

Darcy and Flynn Strickland with their grandfather Ron Thompson, Myrniong, a buyer at Camperdown F1 sale.

Darcy and Flynn Strickland with their grandfather Ron Thompson, Myrniong, a buyer at Camperdown F1 sale.


Repeat buyers set a strong pace for the best quality F1 females at Camperdown.


As F1 female sales go, Camperdown’s feature sale on Friday was top quality. 

Quality was outstanding at Camperdown, and repeat buyers set a steady path when buying.

Agents offered 1462 head of heifers with calves, joined heifers, and unjoined heifers of varying ages.

In 2018, Camperdown was among the best sales, and this sale was no different, but at a much reduced rate compared to last year’s exceptional results.

Looking for better prices, F1 females have been marketed outside of their own areas, and Camperdown was no different with cattle supplied from the Benalla district.

“While the market trend for F1 females is a long way off the absolute best of the previous year, for the current conditions, prices were very good at the top end of each category” Charles Stewart & Co’s agent Corey Baulch said.

R Alexander, South Purrumbete, sold the sale’s top price Angus-Friesian heifers, 2.5 years old, with Limousin calves at foot, which made $2000.

Many of the heifers and calves were in prime condition, and repeat buyers paid between $1850 and $1960 for these.

Genrik Park, Goroombat, sold Angus-Friesian heifers with quality Limousin calves at foot, to 6 weeks, to a top of $1925.

Not all cattle are the same, and another run of heifers and calves sold from $1500 to $1750. Hereford-Friesian heifers sold to less demand, and were up to the top price here.

Buyers were selective, and paid up to $1750 for the best PTIC 2.5 year old heifers. Many sales were noted between $1300 and $1600.

Some producers prefer to buy unjoined heifers, and join them to a bull of their choice, and some buy to grow them out for later joining.

Good quality, well grown, and prime condition Angus-Friesian heifers sold to repeat buyers up to $1250 with numerous sales upward of $1000, and averaged $1060 for 380 kilograms liveweight.

Everyone sees their own potential, and sales of younger heifers, that have not been to the bull, sold quite well.

Prices for these were mostly between $600 and $800, and for their size and weight, was a good result.


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