Numbers building at Yea

Prices kick at Yea, as northern competition comes back

YEA SELLERS: Sue and Ian Wright, "Rivernook", Yea, sold eight Hereford steers for $1250, 439kg, and second pen of six for $1111.

YEA SELLERS: Sue and Ian Wright, "Rivernook", Yea, sold eight Hereford steers for $1250, 439kg, and second pen of six for $1111.


Yea producers are starting to bring cattle forward, in anticipation of continued dry condtions.


Producers around the Yea area have started to bring cattle forward, with large drafts at this month’s annual store sale.

Rodwells Anthony Delaney said the sale was better than previous ones, with competition returning from commission buyers and orders out of the north. South Gippsland restockers were also active.

“We haven’t seen that for the last three to five months,” Mr Delaney said.

He said prices for the 3000 strong draft were “consistent throughout.”

“We are probably a month earlier, on our bigger lines of cattle in this area

“They are selling well, cattle are in good condition, there is no real purpose to keep them,” Mr Delaney said

“Even though they have had the rain, there is no real reason to hold on that much further, past Christmas, especially through this area, so we are starting to get our main lines of cattle, especially in this area.

“Feedlotters were chasing steers with plenty of weight about them, and probably due to the top end coming down a little bit, had to go harder on the medium-sized cattle of 350-380kilograms,” Mr Delaney said.

Elders’ Ryan Sargeant said it was very good yarding, for the time of year.

“The cattle presented really well; we had a really good run of Angus steers.

“Price wise, you couldn’t fault it, it started off really strong, with a few pens of bullocky type steers, and they made either side of three dollars a kilogram, but they had a bit of weight on them, 480 to 530kg.

“There was a good run of black feeder steers, the tops of our pens made up to 340c/kg, which was exceptional money.”

He said JBS was particularly active, purchasing steers for its feedlots.

South Gippsland buyers were also active on feeder steers.

Mr Sargeant said the heifer section of the sale got stronger, as it went on.

M & J Coller, Alexandra, sold a pen of 11 Red Angus, Hereford cross steers, Paringa blood, September-October 2016 drop, ex Doogallok bred for $1540, They averaged 544kilograms, for 283cents/kilogram.

Also among the first run, Busacca Family Trust, Yarck, sold 12 Charolais cross steers, averaging 404kg, for $1190, or 294c/kg.

Burra Burra, Yarck, received $1190, or 283c/kg, for a pen of 12 Charolais cross. They averaged 404kg.

Fairfield Park sold 22 Angus steers for $1240, or 289c/kg. The steers averaged 429kg. S Creighton sold 12 steers, averaging 490kg, for $1410, or 287c/kg.

Sichlau sold 14 steers, averaging 430kg, for $1260, or 293c/kg; Ballandry Park, Strath Creek, received $1220, or 299c/kg, for 20 Angus steers, averaging 408kg, while Khan Yunis, Killingworth, made $1200, or 310c/kg, for 14, 387kg Angus steers.

Killara, which brought cattle from Boort, sold 17 weaners, averaging 395kg, for $1230. The steers averaged 311c/kg. They were by Merridale and Alpine Angus bulls.

Yurraba sold a pen of 15 steers, averaging 363kg, for $1180, or 325c/kg.

Several vendors sold large drafts of cattle.

Black and Stevens, Ancona, dispersed their herd of purebred Simmental cows, heifers and mixed-sex weaners. The draft carried Maverick/Mavstar and Glenview Del bloodlines.

A pen of 22 steers, averaging 419kg, sold for $1260, or 300c/kg.

The properties pen of eight by eight second calver cows, with calves at foot, sold for $1100.

G & N Halpin, Whiteheads Creek, sold 10 by 10 Angus Charolais cows and Red Angus and Charolais calves, depastured to a Clarinda Charolais bull, for $1460.

Campsie Glen, Glenburn which also brought a big draft to the sale, received $1300 for 13 by 13, six calver Angus cows, with July/August calves at foot. The cows had been depastured to a Campsie Glen bull, since calving.

Among the heifers, M&K Lindford, Huntly, sold a pen of 10 Angus cross animals, averaging 439kg, for  $1165, or 265c/kg.

P&L Elward, Alexandra, sold five Angus cross heifers, averaging 432kg, for $1090, or 252c/kg.

Ballandry Park sold 24 Rieland blood Angus heifers, averaging 380kg, for $940, or 247c/kg.

While most of the cattle came from the local area, AC and I Grant, Narlga Downs, brought stock from Deniliquin, NSW. The sold a pen of 22 Blonde cross heifers, averaging 341kg, for $940, or 275c/kg.

MJ and RR Gough, Mansfield, sold 15 Poll Hereford heifers for $970, averaging 387kg,  or 250c/kg.


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