Steers sell to 382c/kg at Leongatha

Supply peaked at Leongatha with 3500 cattle penned

Alan Coulter, Mardan, had a great day at Leongatha, Thursday, selling his annual draft of Angus steers. Weighing 290 to 368 kilograms, they sold $1340 or 382c/kg lwt.

Alan Coulter, Mardan, had a great day at Leongatha, Thursday, selling his annual draft of Angus steers. Weighing 290 to 368 kilograms, they sold $1340 or 382c/kg lwt.


Cattle were consigned from Ararat, and most of Gippsland with quality being very mixed.


Rain was the talk of the day at Leongatha store sale, Thursday, and it was still raining, giving South Gippsland up to and over 75 millimetre in three days.

Many producers were commenting how they will now have a good season, and some of this enthusiasm flowed onto the demand for cattle.

Several large drafts of cattle were offered, including a large line of Hereford steers and heifers from the Ararat region. Local breeders sold their annual drafts of weaned steers and heifers, which attracted a lot of bidding.

The best of these breeders steers came from Alan Coulter, Nalajule Nominees, Mardan. Alan sold 107 Angus steers, 290-368 kilograms liveweight, which sold between $860 to $1330. The best competition was for the heavier steers which equaled 361 to 382c/kg lwt.

AG Landy P/L, Walkerville, sold a very large line of Angus steers. Their 170 steers, 280-377kgs, sold from $870 to $1250.

The sale’s top price was $1700 for bullocks weighing 605kgs. These sold very well, as did most of the yearling steers, aided by strong demand for feeder steers.

Charlton Feedlot was the main purchaser of steers weighing 420 to 480kg. However, bullock fatteners were also in the mix, and most steers sold between $1380 and $1570. In liveweight price terms they equaled 295 to 323c/kg.

Lucardie and Davine sold 23 Angus steers from $1570 to $1700, and Hines Vegetables, Wuk Wuk, sold 67 steers to $1430.

Consigned from Ararat, was 106 Hereford steers of Mahkwallok East Pastoral Co. These good quality steers, 282-367kgs, sold from $830 to $1140.

There were many other good sales, including some of the crossbred steers. Prices for older steers ranged from $1200 to $1450, and older Friesian steers sold from $770 to over $900.

A good example of younger Angus steers was J&S Kelly, selling 45 head, 286-314kg, from $990 to $1130.

A very mixed selection of yearling and younger heifers sold to mixed demand. Producers seeking future breeders met competition from feedlot buyers, although the producers won the battle.

Angus heifers purchased for future breeding sold from $800 to $830, or 270c/kg and over.

One feedlot was prominent for Angus heifers weighing over 320kgs. Prices paid for these ranged between $850 and $1020, equaling anywhere from 238-276c/kg lwt.

Heifer prices were quoted being firm to $60 per head dearer than the previous sale two weeks ago.

Yearling heifers sold from $690 to $1065, while the best of the weaned heifers reached $1020. Most younger heifers sold between $500 and $700 with some lighter weight heifers from a base price of $300.

Competition for cows and calves was certainly stronger, and many sold at rates up to $150 higher for their quality. B&G Missen, Woodside, sold 42 Angus cows with their 1st to 5th calf, and re-depastured to the same Mawarra Poll Hereford bull.

These were in quite poor condition, but sold from $1040 to $1360, being excellent sales for their quality.

There was 57 poor condition cows offered that were empty or only just in calf, sent from the very dry region of Stradbroke. These sold between $550 and $880, which was generally better than their fat value.


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