Final hooray for Silcock’s Mountain Dam

Rams sold to $6200 at Silcock family's final Mountain Dam sale


Buyers took the chance to secure the final offering of rams at the Silcock family's Mountain Dam sale before the stud was sold.


*67 of 82 rams sold to $6200, av $1846

Mountain Dam Merino rams sold to a top of $6200 as buyers scrambled to secure genetics from the Silcock family’s stud for the final time.

Tom Silcock with long-term clients Andrew and son Jacob, and parents Murray and Lorraine Davis, Dergholm. Photo by Gregor Heard.

Tom Silcock with long-term clients Andrew and son Jacob, and parents Murray and Lorraine Davis, Dergholm. Photo by Gregor Heard.

It is around 30 years since the stud was formed by Tom and Alison Silcock at Telangatuk East.

Mr Silcock said there were mixed emotions about the final sale.

“The top end of this year’s rams were extremely strong with our strongest clients concentrating on those sheep,” Mr Silcock said.

The top priced ram was lot 3, bought by Rex and Kay Hocking and daughter and son-in-law, Janelle and Nick Edwards, The Washpool, Avenue Range, South Australia.

The lot was an AI ram out of an Embryo Transfer program sired by Anderson 120096. It had a micron of 13.4, co-efficient of variation (CV)) of 20.3, clean fleece weight percentage (CFW) of 116.1 and eye muscle depth of 20 millimetres.

Mr Silcock said the ram was a high index sire, high fleece weight, low micron with good worm resistance.

He said the ram also had low breech wrinkle, making him ideal for a non-mulesing operation.

The same buyer purchased ten rams in total including lot 27 for the sale second top price of $5700. This lot was by a Moorundi ram and had figures of 14.2 micron, CV 19.1, CFW of 114, EMD of 22 and Fat depth of 2.5mm.

Another long term buyer of Mountain Dam genetics, Michael and Rosie Leeming, Pigeon Ponds, bought seven rams including the next best price of $4700.

The ram had figures of 14 micron, 19.2 CV, 118.1 CFW, 24mm EMD and 2.5mm fat.

Murray and Lorraine Davis and son Andrew, Dergholm, paid $4500 for one of nine rams they bought on the day.

Mr Silcock said the Davises had bought rams at more than 20 Mountain Dam sales.

Murray Davis estimated the family had bought more than 200 rams all up.

"They are bred for our environment and suit our area very well," he said.

"The after-sale service from the Silcocks has also been a major benefit.”

The ram displayed figures of 15 micron, 15.5 CV, 122.5 CFW, 21mm EMD and 2.5mm fat.

Mr Silcock said the Helmsman system of selling allowed clients to best spend their money on their preferred rams in a “cool and calm way”.

He said the sale result was solid given the conditions.

There were 19 successful buyers on the day spread from south of Hamilton to the South Australian border.

“These rams are bred to perform in this environment and the majority of sales went within a 100 kilometre radius,” he said.

“The prime lamb market is so strong we haven’t seen a swing back to Merinos.

“But I believe the Merino is the future prime lamb and that the big discounts of the past for Merino lambs had sometimes totally disappeared.

“These Merinos have massive dual purpose capabilities.”

Mr Silcock said he and Alison were thankful for the long term support of their loyal clients.

The farming enterprise, including a commercial sheep flock, was now under the management of John and Merty Silcock and the stud operation was being sold.

Closing date for expressions of interest to buy the stud close on Monday, November 12 at 1pm.


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