Warrnambool store cattle prices lift after recent rain

Prices lift at Warrnambool store cattle sale


Recent local rains boosted producers’ optimism about their feed prospects ahead and that was reflected in the prices paid.


Producers were smiling after prices lifted at the Warrnambool October store cattle sale last Friday

Recent local rains boosted producers’ optimism about their feed prospects ahead, and that was reflected in the prices paid.

Angus steers sold up to 328c/kg (average weight 375 kilograms), starting from 310c/kg, while Angus heifers sold up to 262c/kg (av weight 418kg), starting at about 248c/kg. 

The yarding offering 920 head, down from the 1200 advertised.

In the open auction sales, steers sold from $790 to the top of $990 with smaller steers selling between $680-$780 and little steers between $520-$680.

Bigger open auction heifers sold for $650-$750 while smaller heifers went for between $470-$650.

Crossbred steers also sold well, with those weighing around 445kg going for between 245-266c/kg.

Big Friesian steers went for $750-$1000 and smaller steers went for $620-$750.

Angus and Shorthorn cows with calves at foot sold for about $1680 while other units sold for between $1100-$1420.

Among those smiling was Charles McLennan, Burra Pastoral, Glenfyne, who gained the $750 top price for open auction heifers.

Mr McLennan said the 12 month-old, 260-280kg, heifers had survived the St Patrick’s Day fires in March that had whipped across his farm.

He said the prices were a big improvement on last month’s Warrnambool store sale prices but were down on last year’s when he gained $1000 for heifers that were four months younger.

He said the feed situation on his property was reasonable and he was keeping the heifers’ brothers in the hope a shortage of supply later might lead to higher prices.

Doug Knights, Warrnambool, said the market was up about 40c/kg on last month.

Mr Knights sold 10 18 month-old Angus-cross steers for $1200 each, up from the $900 he received for similar cattle last month.

Other sales included 15 Angus steers of Elandary Lodge, 375kg, at 328c/kg, or $1230, AW&T Johnson, who sold 11, 392kg, at 316c/kg, or $1238, Timboon Farms, who sold 15, 400kg, at 320c/kg, or $1280, and LE & MC Lloyd, who sold 15, 341kg, at 320c/kg, or $1091.

I & JK Lyons sold 12 Angus Black/Baldy steers, 422kg, at 282c/kg, or $1190.

Elandary Lodge sold 18 Angus heifers, 418kg, at 262c/kg, F W Wensly, sold 10, 381kg, at 257c/kg, or $979, and S & T Waterson, sold seven, 406kg, at 257c/kg.

C M Baulch sold 10 Hereford heifers, 413kg, at 250c/kg, or $1032. 


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