Winter yarding for Euroa

Competition restricted by quality

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Cattle offered at Euroa were in winter condition and attracted weaker demand from most of the regular buyers.

Cattle offered at Euroa were in winter condition and attracted weaker demand from most of the regular buyers.


Demand was weaker with regular buyers restricted by quality


Euroa’s Associated Agents offered 1400 cattle on Wednesday the 5th of September at their monthly store cattle sale.

The yarding consisted of some very well bred lines of cattle but most were showing the affects of the winter, and tight seasonal conditions.

Finally, rain has fallen across some drought affected regions of the north, but it is too early to show, or have any impact on prices in the store market.

The market eased on some lines of cattle depending on breed and quality, but prices remained firm on better presented lines.

Feedlot buyers were less active at the market, which saw prices for these cattle fall under current rates being offered direct to the feedlot. Most of the 1400-head penned remained locally and within the North East with a few heading south to Pakenham, and across to Ballarat.

The time of the year, and with some local feedlots being at capacity, combined with a lot of producers not having a lot of grass to deplete some of the competition.

“Bingara” sold 16 Angus Steers, 18mths, 409kg, for $1130, and “Boxvale”, 15 Angus Steers (387kg) for $1000 per head.

“Tarcombe” offered 16 Hereford Steers, 12mths, and 336kgs lwt, for $990. Their lighter steers sold for $830.

Most steers sold for the liveweight equivalent price of 270-300c/kg, this included “Oak Valley” selling 20 Angus Steers 12mths, (326kg), for $1000.

Equaling exactly 300c, was Leone Ryan selling 26 Angus Steers for $960.

Tasmania buyers were present and did operate on smaller lighter weighted weaned steers and heifers, purchasing at least one load.

Most vendors expected a soft market but we are quickly running out of options with perspective buyers.

Steers weighing between 200 and 290kgs lwt, sold mostly between $650 and $890. Sleigh Pastoral sold 20 Poll Hereford Steers, 10mths for $890.

A larger line of 73 plain, lightweight Angus steers of Brynton P/L sold for $690.

Seven good quality Charolais X Heifers , 423kgs, offered by I&M Riley, sold for $1000 to top this section of the market. Slightly lighter in weight was 8 Charolais cross Heifers from Glenfyne, selling for $940.

Broome P/L offered 34 Angus Heifers, which sold between $710 and $920. Some of these heavier heifers equaled 250-260c/kg lwt and sold to feedlots.

Tarcombe Lodge sold 21 Angus Heifers, 8mths of age, for $700. D & C Devanny sold 16 Angus Heifers 8/9mths for $600.

While most cattle were supplied from local districts, “Greenacres” sent 47 Angus cows with their 1st-3rd calves at foot, to Euroa. Selling to a top of $1550, the top pens averaged $1480.


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