Environment water on sale to drought-hit Victorian farmers

Environment water on sale in drought hit Victoria

Goulburn River catchment.

Goulburn River catchment.


The Commonwealth will sell 20GL of its holdings in the Goulburn Valley.


The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder has announced a sale of 20 gigalitres of water from the Goulburn Valley in Victoria.

The water will be sold udner a competitive tender which opens at 10:00am Monday September 3 2018 and will close at 2:00pm Wednesday September 5.

There will be a minimum bid size of 5 megalitres and a maximum bid size of 500ML, which the CEWH said would balance the access of small and large irrigators to the trade.

The CEWH is headed by Jody Swirepik, who said the trade in the Goulburn followed detailed consideration of the environmental conditions locally and across the Murray‑Darling Basin, as well as implications for irrigators and communities.

“Following successful environmental watering in the Goulburn Broken system in recent years, we can make 20GL of water available to other users and still meet our environmental objectives in both the Goulburn catchment and downstream,” Ms Swirepik said.

“This is a win/win for communities affected by dry conditions as it makes more water available for other water users who are doing it tough.

 “Good planning and effective water management across a number of years mean we are able to put some water up for sale in the Goulburn now. This trade enables us to achieve the best outcomes as it will provide flexibility for us to invest in future water allocations in other catchments, or in environmental projects across the Basin.”

An electronic Bid Form will be available on the website when the tender process opens.

For further information visit the CEWH website: www.environment.gov.au/water/cewo

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