Cattle traveled a long way to Pakenham

Numerous NSW districts were noted at the Pakenham store sale

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David Young, Ensay, and Stock and Land's advertising guru, Lily Nambar, at Pakenham, Thursday, where David sold the last of his 2017 calves due to feeding costs.

David Young, Ensay, and Stock and Land's advertising guru, Lily Nambar, at Pakenham, Thursday, where David sold the last of his 2017 calves due to feeding costs.


Drought conditions sees NSW producers send cattle to Pakenham, Thursday


The drought continues to put pressure on southern markets as New South Wales producers seek areas with grass to sell their stock.

At Thursday’s sale, Pakenham agents yarded 2000 head, and sold cattle from Goulburn, Coleambally, Orange, Deniliquin, Tocumwal and Bega, all in NSW. Cattle were also consigned from the far reaches of Victoria with Swan Hill and Ensay noted, along with areas north and north east of Melbourne.

A much broader spread of other Gippsland areas were also noted, but there was less competition at this sale for all classes of cattle.

Competition was weaker with a couple of the regular South Gippsland buyers, and a few others not present, which aided a cheaper market.

Having said this, some sales were better than others with a small number of steers equaling 290-320 cents per kilogram liveweight. However, these were mostly lighter weight steers, and sold quite well, especially in the calf pens where buyers are standing on level ground to the cattle.

A small selection of heavy bullocks created the sale’s top price with two Charolais bullocks selling for $1700. Their mates sold from $1390-$1580 to equal 255-284c/kg lwt.

Processor competition for yearling steers to grain feed was very lacking, and prices for most yearling steers were between $1180 and $1440.

A pen of yearling Red Angus steers, 483kgs, sold to a local bullock fattener for $1440, or 298c/kg lwt. However, this was the best sale with most yearling steers equaling 265-285c/kg lwt.

S Watkins, “Tara”, Tocumwal, sold 22 yearling Angus steers, 16-17mths, from $1190-$1350. D&R Scott, Stony Creek, sold 32 Limousin cross steers between $1050 and $1240.

Yearling steers varied greatly in quality and weight, which led to a big range in prices. Lighter weight steers sold from a base of $765, while better quality steers weighing up to 400kgs, made to $1200.

Memrom Past Co, Violet Town, sold 41 Angus steers from $950-$1200, or 269-308c/kg lwt. Tarrawarra Angus, Healseville, sold Angus steers for $1040, or 280c/kg lwt.

Demand for Hereford steers varied, although competition was limited. Emu Park Pastoral, Deniliquin, sold steers from $550-$875, and D Young, Ensay, 15 steers from $765-$855. These Hereford steers equaled 241-257c/kg lwt.

Price trends for light weight, younger steers, varied partly due to breeding, quality or condition. While prices were generally cheaper, some sales were dearer. J&C Buchanan, Wandin Valley, Coleambally, sold 33 Angus steer calves from $510-$590.

Friesian steers were more abundant, and varied from calves to grown steers. J Prout sent 48 Friesian steers from Cohuna, and the lighter weight steers sold for $300-$440, while the good quality older steers made between $610 and $670.

Big frame, lean Friesian steers of F&K Demaio sold for $890, which was a good sale equaling 178c/kg lwt.

All the way from Womboota in NSW, J&P Flanagan sold 32 Friesian steers from $155-$320.

Heifers, both yearlings and younger, sold to steady demand, and prices were mostly unchanged to the previous market two weeks ago.

The yearling steers of better quality sold well making mostly between $850 and $1010 with a few heavy yearling heifers fetching up to $1380 for Pinaroo Hills, Bunyip.

Variations were seen in age, weight, destinations and quality, over most of the heifers penned. Elabah Past Co, Orange, NSW, sold a range of Angus heifers, making from $430 to $800. 

A Abrahams, Kilcunda, sold 41 Angus heifers, Banquet blood, from $560-$655, and Emu Park Past Co, 28 Hereford heifers between $485 and $680.

All the way from Goulburn, Greendale Past Co sold 51 Angus heifers from $340 to $500.

Quite a large number of joined and calved females were penned, and again here, potential buyers were offered a big variation. W Wilmott, Cockatoo, sold a run of Hereford heifers and cows, depastured to a stud Poll Hereford bull, to commence calving mid September.

These were in good store condition and sold mostly between $850 and $925. Opposite to these were 56 Angus cows that had been running with an Angus bull. Coming from P Bell, Goulburn, The cows were in very plain store condition, but they were healthy and traveled well. Prices ranged from $410-$510.

Quoin Hill Charolais’s, Ventnor, Phillip Island, sold two Charolais cows with good quality calves for $1780, which was the top price.

Other cows and calves sold anywhere between $650-$1420 with large frame Hereford-Friesian cows and calves making the top money.

C :Lawless sent 17 European cross, and Angus cross cows and calves from Swan Hill, which was a long haul. Six of their best outfits sold for $1540, the balance selling between $720 and $1175. 


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