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Being quite wet made little difference to competition

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Stan and Anne Harrison, Giffard West, sold two pens of Charolais cross steers by Violet Hills bulls at Leongatha for $910, which was equal to two weeks ago.

Stan and Anne Harrison, Giffard West, sold two pens of Charolais cross steers by Violet Hills bulls at Leongatha for $910, which was equal to two weeks ago.


Leongatha agents offered a lighter weight yarding than previous sales



Livestock agents, Simon Henderson and Brian McCormack, reported that there was exactly 1800 head offered at Leongatha, Thursday.

This was 600 head more than advertised as more cattle were consigned from central Gippsland districts, because of the dry conditions.

A better quality yarding with fewer Friesian steers penned, sold to stronger competition from the local area. Feedlot competition was noted, although there was less demand from some of the regular domestic feedlots.

Due to a lack of yearling steers being penned, their was limited competition from export processors this time, and prices were slightly cheaper.

Prices were dearer this sale for many of the weaned steers, with  quotes being up to $30 higher, aided by some very good lines of steers being penned.

The much smaller offering of yearling steers sold mostly between $1230 and $1430. P&L Vening, Hedley, sold 6 Angus-Hereford steers for the top price, and N Littlejohn & Son, Mirboo North, sold 18 steers for $1350.

Quite a few cattle came from the broader Central Gippsland district. P&H Bourke, Maffra West, sold 21 Angus steers from $1100-$1175.

A feature line of 172 Angus steers, offered by D&K Kuch, Darriman, sold between $900 and $1100. In the past two years, these have been sold on Auctions Plus, but with the north being so dry, Leongatha was a better option.

When analysing the figures, these and some other steers equaled 320-340c/kg lwt. The return of one commission buyer may have helped this outcome.

Many of the steers in the mid-weight range sold between $700 and $920, including S&C Harrison, selling Charolais cross steers from $760-$910.

Typical of recent store sale trends of late, demand for lighter weight steers was firm, but at lower rates compared to their older brothers.

Katelea Pastorla Co, Glen Alvie, sold 24 Angus steers, 241kgs, for $700, or 290c/kg lwt.

Equally, there were plenty of lightweight steers penned, some well bred calves, and a few dairy steers too. Prices ranged mostly between $300 and $650. Due to the lack of Friesian steers being offered, prices were quoted being $40-$60 dearer than two weeks ago.

Demand for heifers was steady, although some feedlot competition for European breeds did sell to domestic feedlots at slightly elevated prices.

Illeac Nominees P/L, sent some yearling heifers form Craigeburn to Leongtaha, which sold for $990 being the top price heifers on the day.

S&C Harrison, Giffard West, sold 23 Charolais cross heifers for $770 per head.

Travelling some distance, the Murdoch family from Bibbenluke on the Monaro high plains, sold 41 heifers from $500-$710. A lot of smaller heifers sold between $290 and $600 with demand fairly poor, especially for the lightest heifers.

Due to the drought conditions further east in Victoria and south eastern NSW, cows and calves were consigned from Bega, and also from Wulgulmerang in the high country.

WG Taylor, Bega, sold 19 young Angus cows with Autumn drop calves at foot, which made the top price of $1580. P&D Moon, Wulgulmerang, sold Hereford cows and calves for $1000. Other cows and calves of lighter weight and poor condition sold upward of $280.

A draft of 58 in calf cows were mostly in plain to very plain condition, and sold to poor competition, making just 370-$680 per head.


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