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South Australian, Victorian success in Interbreed competition


Judges rate Suffolks highly at Sheepvention.

Sheepvention White Suffolk judge, John Jamieson

The interbreed supreme shortwool ram has been rated as one of the best White Suffolks ever bred by Booloola stud, Baringhup, according to principal Shane Baker.

The White Suffolk was sold, after winning its class at Sheepvention.

It took out senior champion White Suffolk ram, before being paraded as part of the interbreed competition.

“I think he is probably as good a sheep as we have ever bred,” Mr Baker said.

“We have used him heavily as a ram lamb, he had 130 ewes go through his paddock and backed up our AI program.”

Mr Baker said the ram had “a terrific width and length of loin”.

“He has got a pretty good White Suffolk type, and to go with it, has some pretty marketable Lambplan figures,” he said.

After deciding on the class, judge John Jamieson, Finley, NSW, said he agreed the animal was a very high quality ram.

“He is an extremely good sheep on his feet, with an extremely good rear end,” Mr Jamieson said.

“He has a beautiful shoulder – he’s an outstanding ram, for the breed.”

South Australian Suffolk stud Pine Ridge will set its winning Sheepvention shortwool team for the Royal Adelaide Show, SA, after tasting success in the group class at Hamilton.

Pine Ridge’s Helen Schultz said the rams would be sold and the ewes retained.

Her ewe took out the supreme champion Suffolk ribbon, before again winning the supreme shortwool ewe section.

“I think it was the meat capacity in the three sheep and the evenness of the two ewes, which probably did it,” Ms Schultz said.

Judge Ian Gilmore, Baringa, Oberon, NSW, said the ewe was magnificently presented.

“She is carrying huge muscling, through the loin and hind quarter region, with plenty of volume in the front end,” Mr Gilmore said.

He said the Suffolks were the most even group, presented in the interbreed.

The panel of six judges were in unanimous agreement they stood out over the second placed Texels.

Croydon Corridales took out the supreme longwool ram ribbon, with judge Trevor James, Mundulla, SA, praising it for its sirey outlook.

“He just has a magnificent head and all of his other characteristics carry right through to his hindquarter,” Mr James said.

Mr James said the ram had a magnificent, heavy cutting fleece, right through its body.

“He is a very correct sheep, that parades very well, walks very well, stands square and has good muscling, right through to the hindquarters,” he said.

He has got a pretty good, White Suffolk type and - to go with it - he has some pretty marketable lambplan figures, as well. - Shane Baker, Booloola White Suffolks, Baringhup

“They are a quality sheep, the best of the sheep are there.

“There are some serious competitors there, that maintains a stable pattern.”

The Border Leicesters from Moyston’s Two Dot stud took out the supreme longwool group and champion ewe, after success at Bendigo’s Australian Sheep and Wool Show with the same animal.

Carol Jackson, Two Dot, said the animal was a big ewe, with a great spring of rib, with a lot of volume and very good fleece.

“I think she had got a great outlook,” Ms Jackson said.

“I think she is just a beautiful ewe.”

The ewe won supreme longwool exhibit at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

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