Inspiring lamb feast

Lambition feast set to inspire producers

Lambition menu includes a four course lamb dégustation with different style lamb cuts.

Lambition menu includes a four course lamb dégustation with different style lamb cuts.


Essence of Mynette executive chef Mynette Richardson said she looks to create dishes that are easy to reproduce.


When designing menus for events, Fortuna Villa executive chef and Essence catering owner Mynette Richardson creates dishes that are easy to reproduce in Australian homes.

Ms Richardson, who is designing the menu for next week’s Woolworths Lambition gala dinner which coincides with the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo, said the aim was to encourage the consumption of prime lamb in Australian homes. The lamb cuts she chooses for these dishes include the loin, backstrap, shoulder and rump.

“Those cuts are quicker to cook, tender, and are suited for meals where you want the cuts to stay at medium to medium rare,” she said.

The Lambition menu includes a lemon zest and pepper crusted lamb carpaccio, along with an an entrée-styled brewers board with an Asian-inspired salt and pepper lamb and rump salad. A two-point lamb rack and slow-cooked shoulder will be enjoyed for the main course. 

The sumptuous Lambition feast will be supplied by Tattykeel Australian Whites, Black Springs, NSW, sourced from long-serving client, Graham Sinclair, Temora, NSW. It will be new season, pasture-fed lamb, with an average carcase weight of 20 kilograms.

“Australian White lamb gives you similar qualities to what the Wagyu does in beef. It’s meat is tasty, juicy, and high in quality without the moisture loss,” Ms Richardson said.

Backing the eating quality claims is Associate Professor, Aduli E.O. Malau-Aduli, Townsville University, who said the Australian White had enormous potential to take the sheepmeat export market by storm.

“It combines unequaled sensory eating qualities and health benefits that consumers now demand not only in Asian and European markets, but also globally,” Prof Aduli said. 


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