Records tumble at Kelpie sale

Records tumble at Kelpie sale


A Kelpie sold for $22,200 at the Australian Kelpie Muster at Casterton.


Records tumbled at the Casterton Kelpie Associaion’s Working Dog Auction on the weekend, with more than $260,000 worth of dogs sold in just over an hour.

Previous record holder, Ian O’Connell, Strathkellar, was the first to eclipse the $12,000 Casterton record with Leesa Sally.

The fully-trained dog sold to South Australian buyer Karatta Pastoral, Binnum, for $16,500.

But, just minutes later that record was eclipsed by a black and tan Kelpie owned by Christian Peacock, Waterloo, which made $22,200.

Elders Hamilton’s Steven McLeod put in the winning bid for 27 month-old, Glencairn Seven, for  an undisclosed client.

First time Casterton vendor, Mr Peacock manages a property at Stockyard Hill for the Bain family.

“I had a $5000 reserve and thought I would be pretty chuffed if we got to $6000 to $7000 because I am not known here,” Mr Peacock said. 

He said ‘Seven’- named because he was part of a litter of seven pups –  had been bred from his dog Puds Crusier and out of a bitch Sunraysia Claire owned by Dave Sweatman, Glencairn Kelpies.

“We did a joining and he was the service fee which I have trained up,” he said.

“He is a nice casual dog but when he needs that punch he has got it.”

Of the 64 Kelpies offered at auction, 50 sold, averaging $5289, which is up $970 on last year’s average.

A 16 week-old dog was snapped up for $5800 by Teresa Purcell, Lakeview Southdown stud, Warrayure.

Ms Purcell said she saw a lot of potential in Bloke, and would get him started on the property in the next week.

Casterton Kelpie Association president Karen Stephens said the sale attracted the “cream of the crop”.

“Many people are saying they can’t get good staff, and they are recognising a good working dog is worth every cent,” Ms Stephens said.

A Kelpie was inducted into the Australian Kelpie Muster’s Hall of Fame at the event, following three consecutive years of high jump wins.

Five year-old Bailey, owned by Tegan Eagle, Croydon, set the high jump record of 2.951 metres in 2016, and this year jumped 2.84 metres.

Ms Eagle said Bailey is naturally talented, and that they don’t train her at all, only ensure he’s healthy and fit.

“I think he just loves the attention,” Ms Bailey said.


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