Increased confidence at Yea

Increased confidence at Yea


There was an increased level of confidence at Yea’s store cattle sale on Friday, as “everyday gets closer to rain”.


There was an increased level of confidence at Yea’s store cattle sale on Friday, as “everyday gets closer to rain”.

Buyers from Gippsland and North-East Victoria supported the sale of about 1100 head, which consisted of an increased amount of heavier cattle.

Rodwells auctioneer Adam Mountjoy said grown steers met solid competition from lotfeeders, with the majority making between 275-295 cents a kilogram.

Weaner steers also sold to strong demand, with the heavier end making around 300c/kg.

D Prewett, Healesville, sold 15 Angus steers, 419 kilograms, for $1250 a head, or 298c/kg.

‘Rook Dog’ sold 11 steers, 361kg, for $1050, while Wonyip Park sold three pens of steers, a total of 31, with the tops making $1195, for a pen of 14, at 393kg.

Ian Grant, 'AC & NS Grant', Deniliquin, NSW, sold 70 Angus/Blonde d'Aquitaine-cross steers and heifers. His steers topped at $950/head, for a pen of 23, 337kg.

Mr Grant said it has been incredibly dry on his property, given he hadn’t received decent rain since December.

Greg Woodburn, Romsey, sold 43 steers and heifers. His top pen of steers made $960 for 10, 347kg, and top heifers made $850 for 17, 300kg.

Mr Woodburn said their season hadn’t been too unfavourable in Romsey, so he had been holding stock back.

“I had been holding them back, hoping that we’d get more widespread rain to lift the market,” Mr Woodburn said.

Deb and Tony Chancellor, Rochester, sold a pen of 13 Angus steers, 294kg, at $910, or 309c/kg.

Mr and Ms Chancellor said they were happy with the prices given the current market.

Father and daughter Geoff Foletta and Monique Whitehead, 'Glenview', Broadford, sold a pen of 18 Angus steers, 369kg, at $1080.

Mr Foletta said they’ve managed to get through the season, but things could definitely be better.

Mr Mountjoy said heifers also sold to strong demand, with a lot of females absorbed by Gippsland purchasers.

A large yarding of 85 heifer and calf units was consigned from the Riverina, with Clare Partnership, Clare, NSW, offloading because of dry conditions.

Their first pen of 17 heifers with one to two month old calves at foot made $1140, while 7x7 made $1380, 26x26 made $1140, and 35x39 made $1400.

Mr Mountjoy said this was a strong result for a large offering of heifers and calves.

The first pen of heifers at the sale made $1105 for a pen of 17 Angus, 402kg, by RJ & GD Davis.

Anvil Angus, Acheron, sold 10, 342kg, heifers at $900, while ‘Sawpit Rural’ sold 10, 308kg, at $720, and B Bates, Thornton, sold 10, 393kg, at $1070.

Mr Mountjoy said he was happy with the quality of the yarding.

“It wasn’t bad for winter,” he said.

The next sale at Yea’s saleyards will be the end of year feature female sale on Friday, June 29, which will contain lines of cows and calves and spring-calving females.


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