Leongatha store sale sees price rise

Rain, end-of-year purchases, see price bounce at Leongatha

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MARKET GOERS: Jill Forrester, Wooreen, and Jenni Eldred, Kardella South, were among the onlookers at the Leongatha store sale.

MARKET GOERS: Jill Forrester, Wooreen, and Jenni Eldred, Kardella South, were among the onlookers at the Leongatha store sale.


Bullock sellers move back into the market to restock


Leongatha’s store sale saw a solid price bounce, with Michael Stevens, SEJ Livestock, saying steers were at least $150 dearer than the last market.

SEJ had three pens of steers which sold between 304 cents/kilogram through to 315c/kg.

Mr Stevens said heifers were also between $50-80 dearer.

“Last fortnight, the store sale was the cheapest I have seen it for some months,” Mr Stevens said.

“You could buy cattle to $600-800.

“You hadn’t been able to buy at that price for probably two years, then - this sale - there was a bit of a bounce.”

He speculated recent rain or the approaching end of the financial year might have brought about the lift in prices.

“If it gets really wet and cold, which it does down here, numbers will ease and that will keep the price where it is now.”

Landmark’s Brian McCormack agreed the market was stronger than the last sale.

“There were less cattle, but the competition had risen on the better quality stock,” Mr McCormack said.

He said there were fewer bigger steers offered.

“But the feeder type steers were pushing up around the three dollar mark and maybe a tad over in places, for the absolute best of them,” Mr McCormack said.

Feedlot operators from Charlton and Tamworth were prominent but he agreed producers who had sold bullocks were also active.

“They came back in trying to buy, in case the numbers drop away or get dearer,” Mr McCormack said.

“They were trying to sell, and buy, on the same market.”

Jim Wilson, Glen Alvie, offered some of the last of his cattle, after selling his property.

He sold a pen of eight, 473kg, two year old Yancowinna and Truro Angus blood steers, for $1400, or 295c/kg.

A pen of two lighter weight steers from the same property, weighing 412kg, sold for $1060 or 257c/kg.

The cattle were bred by Rodney and Coral Donnat, Wonthaggi, before being sold on to Mr Wilson, who grew them out.

Le Tomp partnership, Ando, NSW, sold 16, 275kg yard weaned Angus steers for $880, or 320c/kg.

A pen of 25, 262kg Banquet and Yancowinna Angus blood steers, account Belgrano, sold for $880, or 335c/kg.

Loch Park, Loch, achieved $1250 for a pen of six, 430kg Angus steers, or 290c/kg.

Amond the Herefords, Bulleonburra, Mirboo North, sold a pen of 10, 18-20 month old Yea district bred steers for $1280. The 396kg steers sold to 323c/kg.

DB and DM Fairbrother, Kings Flat, sold 15 Mount Difficult-Warranville blood Hereford steers, averaging 389kg, for $1105, or 284c/kg

Heifer sales included a pen of six Black Baldies, account L and L McKenzie, Calrossie, which sold for $520.

A pen of 15 Black Baldy and Herefords, account Brown and Norden, Wonga, sold for $650.

Cows and calves fetched up to $1610, for a pen of four by four, account Jim Wilson, Glen Alvie.


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