Drought affects supply at Bairnsdale

Continuing drought conditions sees another large yarding at Bairnsdale


Bairnsdale agents had to inform some producers to hang off selling, as the draw for last Friday's sale reached 4965 head.


Heavily reduced from the original draw of 4965 head, Bairnsdale agents offered around 3500 head, in another large, drought-driven sale, last Friday.

Many of the cattle offered were annual consignments of steer and heifer calves, but many were also sold due to the drought.

Drought, as a word, can be miss construed, but when producers start selling their breeding cattle, the outcome is apparent.

Considering this is drought-driven, the cattle were in good condition, and included a lot of younger steers and heifers.

There was much speculation prior to the start of the sale, as to how the large number would sell.

Promises of rain over the weekend did spark some hope, but solid competition from a number of quarters led to a solid sale.

Buyers came over the Mt Hotham, South and West Gippsland, Sale, and even local areas, and several feedlot orders were noted, along with a commission buyer with numerous orders.

This strong competition saw prices equal that of another large sale, two weeks prior.

Yearling steers sold to a top of $1500 per head, with most making between $1200-$1360, equaling 265-282 cents per kilogram live weight.

K&A Trewin sold 10 Angus steers, 558 kilograms, for $1460, and D&J Adams, sold 64 Angus steers from $1225-$1270, after strong feeder and bullock fattener competition.

HM&RE Stagg, Tambo Crossing, sold their annual draft of Angus steers and heifers.

Despite the drought conditions, these cattle presented very well, which was a credit to the family.

Their 162 steers sold from $630-$930, being well supported by repeat buyers.

Deddick Springs sold 112 Angus and Charolais steers from $700-$940, the top price being for Charolais steers.

While the Charolais breed is seen regularly here at Bairnsdale, they were well represented, and outnumbered the Hereford breed on the day.

Young, light weight steer calves sold upward from $520 with most $620-$790.

Heifers were the surprise package, selling mostly from $600-$930.

Glenshiel Past Co, Butchers Ridge, sold yearling Charolais heifers from $1060-$1100, but most of the heifers were younger.

H&R Stagg sold 118 Angus heifers from $710-$800, and K&W Ingram, sold 54 Angus-Hereford heifers from $740-$930.

BA Llewellyn sold Charolais heifers to $970, RAP&HE Bowman sold 22 Charolais and Angus heifers to $800, and Deddick Springs sold 126 Charolais and Angus heifers from $625-$765.

While feedlot buyers did purchase steers, heifers were preferred, especially the Charolais breed, and their crosses.

Emphasising the drought conditions was the sale of 50 Angus cows of Buchan Station.

PTIC to stud Millwillah Krakatoa, these aged-cows sold mostly for $1005, one pen making $815.

Top of the small offering of cows and calves was a pen of Angus cows with good quality, young calves, that sold for $1400.

Small lots of plain condition, and odd breeding sold from $610-$1100, the good thing being that all found a home.


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