Feedlotters to the fore at Pakenham

Feedlotters prominent at Pakenham


Feedlotters put a floor in the latest Pakenham store cattle sale


Yarding: 1300

Yearling trade steers: 277c to 320c/kg. 

Yearling heifers: 260c to 289c/kg.

Feedlotters put a floor in the market at Pakenham, as dry conditions saw subdued competition from other buyers.

FEEDLOT COMPETITON: Strong feedlot competition put a floor in the latest Pakenham store cattle sale. File photo.

FEEDLOT COMPETITON: Strong feedlot competition put a floor in the latest Pakenham store cattle sale. File photo.

Rodwells’ Anthony Delaney said it was a small, but very good quality yarding, which was mainly made up of steers.

“The better end of the steers sold better than previous weeks, mainly due to feedlot competition,” Mr Delaney said.

He said prices for good quality weaner calves lifted by between $40 and $50 a head, to 310-330 cents a kilogram, while heifers sold between 270-285c/kg.

The cattle were drawn from the area around Pakenham, selling to feedlots and local buyers.

Among the top lines were Gearon Farming, Berwick, which sold 25 16-month old Angus steers, averaging 460kg, for $1410, and Yarramunda Farm, Coldstream, which offered 18 12-month old Angus steers, averaging 395kg, for $1240.

“If we were to get another good inch of rain, things would get away, but we’ve got to get it yet,” Mr Delaney said.

Everitt, Seeley and Bennetts Jarrod Bennetts said renewed feedlot interest saw a $30-40 improvement on forward conditioned steers in the 380-500kg range.

“This, in turn, lifted the interest in the lighter steers by those not prepared to match the feedlotter’s rates,” Mr Bennetts said.

An “outstanding” line of 80 crop assisted Angus-Hereford cross breeder’s steer calves, presented in forward to prime condition, was offered by RL Baillieu, ‘Clondrisse’ Flinders.

Mr Bennetts said 20, 482kg steers sold for $1480 and 20 458kg steers for $1410, or 307c/kg, while of the lighter weight animals, a further 20, averaging 376kg, sold for $1200, or 319c/kg.

In the middle range, 20, 426kg steers sold for $1340, or 314c/kg.

Other prominent lines included 15, two-year-old 555kg Angus steers, offered by Dr P Stratman, Merricks, which sold for $1570, or 282c/kg.

B & V McNamee, Flinders, sold 20, 18-month-old Angus steers, for $1330, or 306c/kg.

Another Mornington Peninsula farmer, T Prosser, Flinders, sold 10, two and a half year old Charolais steers, averaging 595kg, for $1585 or 266c/kg.

G Fleming, Broadford, sold 38 10-12-month-old Angus steers, averaging 349kg, for $1180, or 338c/kg.

 Landmark’s Andy Grant said while the quality of the yarding was good, most of the competition was from feedlots.

“Anything that was lighter in condition met with a poor response,” Mr Grant said.

“If cattle showed the effects of the dry autumn they struggled.

““There appears to be the opportunity.

“But if you can’t feed the cattle, you are only buying yourself extra trouble.”

He said Euro cross calves met with strong competition, from the feedlots.

He said among the better sellers were a line of 40 Blonde Aquitaine-Angus cross, 10-11 month-old steers and heifers from Stewart Fairbrother, Ballara South.

He said they averaged more than three dollars a kilogram.

“They presented in excellent condition and order, as they had been on silage, and met with plenty of competition.”


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