Feedlot demand drives Euroa prices

A small Euroa market was driven by feedlot competition creating a firm trend


Euroa agents offered a small, mixed quality yarding of 600 head, last Wednesday

Euroa agents offered a small yarding of 600 head in their regular monthly store cattle sale on April 4.


All of Victoria, including the drawing areas of the Euroa region, are very dry but this small offering included some good quality cattle.

Temperatures were quite hot on sale day, but this did not deter a good crowd from attending.

“Feedlot competition really drove this sale, from yearling steers, through to better quality heifers,” Brad Gleeson, Landmark Euroa, said.

Purchases by these feedlots are destined for longer term feeding for export and short term feeding for the domestic market.

Coupled with producer competition, price trends were quoted being equal to the last sale at Euroa, one month ago.

Especially pleasing was the demand for heifers - again aided by feedlot competition.

Heavy yearling steers, that weighed up to 580 kilograms liveweight, sold to $1540, and most of these yearling steers equaled 265c for extra heavy steers, to 292c/kg for those of medium weights.

Well bred weaned steers, in good condition, sold to the best demand, and most equaled 300-340c/kg lwt.

GE&AM Hill sold 22 Angus steers, 11 months, from $1030-$1150, and K&S Dowell, 6 Charolais steers also for $1150. In the mid 300kg range, the 9 Angus steers of D&L Houston sold for $1090.

Gooram Springs offered 35 lighter weight Angus steers that sold from $890 for the Angus-Hereford’s  and up to $910 for straight bred Angus steers.

A highlight of the market was the strong demand for better quality heifers of heavier weights.

Feedlot competition, combined with producers seeking potential breeders, created a strong market.

Given the small size of the yarding there were few heifers to quote.

Thalia sold 9 Angus heifers for $885, and B Castella, 16 Angus heifers for $900.

One lot of mixed age cows and calves were offered, and were feeding fresh, young calves by Angus bulls. These sold for $1500.

This Euroa photo was taken in December, at the special Female Feature sale, when times looked more promising.

This Euroa photo was taken in December, at the special Female Feature sale, when times looked more promising.


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