Angus yarding large at Omeo

Angus yarding large at Omeo

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Driving up to the first of three Elders sales, looking over the paddocks saw rocks, thistles and dung pats, and little else.

Driving up to the first of three Elders sales, looking over the paddocks saw rocks, thistles and dung pats, and little else.


However, good management by producers saw many of the Angus and Angus-Hereford steers and heifers in fair to good condition.

What was noted was the weight difference compared to 2017.

The top Angus steers were easily 40-50 kilograms liveweight lighter, but still in good order.

The first lane of steers varied little in weight, and sold from $1110-$1140/head, with the best price being achieved several times.

Numerous repeat buyers set a solid pace for the heavier steers.

GH&AJ Burston sold 200 Angus steers, most estimated to weigh from 310-360kg lwt, from $1070-$1140.

One of the most successful sales was seen for 131 Angus steers of BC&GC Flynn; all except 35 of these sold for $1140.

As competition heated up along the first lane, AI&RD Nicholas sold 42 Angus steers from $1140-$1160, topping the steer sale.

One of the main drivers of this sale was competition for a live export order for steers in a weight range mostly of 280-320kgs. Many pens were purchased for this order.

CE&DG Anderson sold 150 Angus and Angus-Hereford steers from $770-$1130 ,with several pens fitting the live export order.

Clive and Dianne Anderson, 'Delvin Park', Benambra, said cattle are looking good, despite the dry conditions, at the Mountain Calf Sales.

As younger steer calves came into play, and weights were lighter, competition from Coonamble raised the ante. If you wanted to buy these younger calves you had to step up.

Two good examples can be quoted. Black Mountain Station sold a line of 273 Angus steer calves, making from $830-$1030, and were estimated to equal 360 to over 400c/kg lwt.

Likewise, Tamcal Pastoral sold lightweight calves from $885-$970, again equaling high liveweight prices.

Trent Howell, 'Tamcal', Buchan, said he was happy with the prices made at Omeo, which weren't too far off from last year.

The heifer sale included a big number of yearling heifers, with the best of these offered by Meringo Pastoral Co.

Bruce Commins, formerly 'JA Commins & Co', now 'Meringo Pastoral', Benambra, said some cattle were sold early, in spring, with Omeo's offering of 100 steers and heifers being the leftovers.

Their 65 Angus heifers sold from $930-$1200, with breeders chasing the heaviest pen to the top price.

FA&DM Boulton, Gelantipy, offered a large line of Angus-Hereford heifers, but after a very poor season, these heifers were much lighter than 2017. Solid competition saw these 480 heifers sell from $735-$915, with many going to grain feed in the north.

RJ&AJ Crisp sold 27 Angus heifers to $1060, which was the best of the best of the weaned heifer calves.

Most heifers sold between $690-$990, with only the lightest weight calves making $590-$710.

Elders’ Morgan Davies tells Stock & Land market analyst Peter Kostos the live export job and rain in the north has helped support Omeo’s blacks sale.

Demand increased as the sale progressed, aided in part by a backgrounding order for South Australia.

S&SN Lawlor sold 12 Angus heifers for $990, and BC&GC Flynn sold 23 heifers for $870.

Selling some of the larger drafts of heifers were CE&DG Anderson, who sold all of their 2017 drop calves this year, for $625-$855.

All in all, this was a very successful sale, and given the very harsh season from winter through, a good result for the producers. None wanted to take any home, and all were glad to see them go to a good home.

Ian Nicholas, 'Longfields', Benambra, said the top price of his calves made $1160/head, at Omeo's blacks sale, during the Mountain Calf Sale series.
Ken and Christopher Connley, 'KJ&GJ Connley', Benambra, offered 312 calves, and said they were nowhere near as good as last year's cattle.

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