Happy faces at Elders Myrtleford results

Younger steer and heifer calves sold to strong competition at the Elders Myrtleford annual calf sale

Victorian Weaner Sales

Younger calves of good breeding and quality are hard to find, and this led to strong demand here at Myrtleford.

Glen and Jeanette Chalwell run two properties, one is Catherine Station, the other at Bowman’s Forest. They had a very good sale in 2017 with their younger steer and heifer calves, which are mostly 6-8 months of age.


In this 2018 annual sale, the Chalwell family only sold their steer calves.

They retained all of the heifers due an unexpected, very good season in and around the Myrtleford area.

Competition was very strong for all of the younger calves this year, and the 103 Angus, Hereford, and Angus-Hereford steer calves, sold by the Chalwells, sold from $685 to a top of $920, which was not too far away from the very high rates of 2017.

There was more competition this year, as the better quality yarding attracted feedlot buyers, plus several restockers.

Adding to the competition this year was an order for steers for a live export order, which is to be completed late March.

One buyers, purchasing heifers for future grain feeding added to the strength of demand for younger calves.


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