Live Ex supports mixed quality Colac store sale

Live Ex supports mixed quality Colac store sale

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A LIVE export order was a welcome addition to the buying gallery at the Colac store sale on Friday.

  • Yarded – 760
  • Steers: 360-450kg, $980-$1290, av 284c; 280-360kg: $860-$1140, av 311c/kg
  • Heifers: 360-450kg, $1050-$1200, av 265c/kg; 280-360kg: $790-$1000, av 258c/kg

A LIVE export order was a welcome addition to the buying gallery at the Colac store sale on Friday.

Vying for a mixed-quality yarding of 760 head, the sale offered a large percentage of smaller “clean-up” lots, following the district's annual January weaner sales, as local producers await an autumn break.

Stewart-Dove P/L auctioneer Phil Douglas said local producers were generally playing a wait and see game.

Water and feed had rapidly disappeared from local paddocks, especially over the past month, and many would-be restockers were awaiting the outcome of the weather in the lead-up to Easter.

“The springs are running everywhere,” Mr Douglas announced before the sale.

“It’s sign a change in the weather is on the way, and the cattle market will turn when it arrives.”

Opening the sale, the three yards of two and four-tooth Angus steers appeared good buying.

Sold on account of Lauderdale, these made $1180 for 427 kilograms, $1130 for 476kg, and $1300/head for 516kg cattle.

J&N Cornish sold yards of Charolais/Angus, 490kg and 438kg, at a bid of $1290/head for the lot.

A feature line of Geoff Coverdale’s Angus steers, South Purrumbete, were eagerly sought by local interests, with the tops weighing 350kg, and selling at $1200, while a second yard, 321kg, made $1140.

The live export order, supplied by Landmark International, booked almost 100 head.

It bid on yards of all breeds, while two Ballarat opportunity feeder orders focused mostly on Euro-breeds.

However most of these purchases were taken from yards containing mostly less than 10 head.

Some of the better sales included a pen of 12 Angus, 317kg, that made $1000 for A McDonald while W&L Johns sold seven Angus, 351kg, also at $1000.

D Erwin sold nine Angus and Murray Grey steers, 331kg, at $870, and R&T Armistead sold seven Red Angus steers, 324kg, at $960.

In the heifer pens, RJ Goodall gained a solid result with the sale of seven Angus, 445kg, at $1200.

A Barber sold Angus heifers, 465kg and 426kg, at $1140 and $1160.

M Curtis cleared nine Angus heifers, 378kg, at $1050.

Most other heifer sales were made upwards of $790, and included South Purrumbete Angus heifers, 321kg, which sold at $910. 

Quality lots of cows and calves drew good interest.

Roftel P/L sold 17 large-framed Charolais-Angus, with fourth Charolais calves to four weeks at foot.

Unmated, these made $2140, while Warravale also sold Charolais-Angus cows- third calvers, with young calves, for $2000 per outfit.


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