Restocker inquiry underpins demand for quality breeders

Restocker inquiry underpins demand for quality breeders


RESTOCKER demand on breeding ewes underpinned the Elders Wycheproof sheep sale.

RESTOCKER demand for breeding ewes underpinned the Elders Wycheproof sheep sale.


First cross Border Leicester/Merino ewes, 1.5 years, sold to $228 while 2015 drop ewes sold between $190 and $200. First cross ewe lambs sold from around $180 to $200 with one pen selling to $220.

Merino ewe section the top price was $262 for 2016 drop ewes with other prices of note being $260 and $230.

Merino wethers sold to a top of $148 while most sold in a range from $120 to $138.

Elders, Wycheproof’s Jim Coffey said prices for the joined one and a half year old first cross ewes were “right up to our expectations”.

He said the yarding of 2017 drop first cross lambs was outstanding with a number of pens selling for $200 and the balance between $170 and $180.

It was an exceptional lineup of Merino ewes that attracted solid competition right through including strong local support.

Buyers came with a more positive outlook and values reacted accordingly for an excellent quality yarding.

The Elders sale saw a yarding of around 11,000 sheep that attracted a wide league of buyers.

The top pen of 146 first cross ewes, August shorn and SIL to Poll Dorset rams, sold account RE, SF & AJ Coatsworth, sold for $228.

The buyer was Lanyons, Hamilton, account Rentsch. The same buyer paid $200 for 237 first cross ewes, 2017 drop, October shorn, sold account Andshara Pty Ltd.

The Merino ewe section was highlighted by the offering of Heighton Partnership which forwarded 265 ewes, May/June 2016 drop, September shorn, SIL to White Suffolks, that sold for $262.

Buyer was Rodwells Horsham account Pekin. The same buyer paid $260 for 262 Merino ewes sold account MJ, MF & T Gaylor. The ewes were May/June 2016 drop and SIL to WS rams.

Feeny Brothers, sold 80 first cross ewe lambs, one mark, November shorn, that went to Landmark Donald for $220.

A line of 103 first cross ewes, April 17 drop, sold account Carmichael and Ficken, was knocked down for $215 to Rodwells Boort.

PM & AG O’Shannessy penned 200 first cross ewes, May 17 drop, October shorn, that sold for $205 to Elders Kyneton.

RC & MJ Medlyn also sold first cross ewe lambs, one mark, to $202 to Elders Wycheproof account RIFA.

Nedna’s offering included a line of Merino ewes April/May 2016 drop, January shorn, SIL to WS rams, that sold for $230 to Elders Echuca.

A Landmark St Arnaud account paid $226 for 100 Merino ewes sold account Fermoy Pty Ltd. The ewes were May/June 16 drop, September shorn SIL to WS.

A pen of 109 June/July 2015 drop ewes sold account Bushy Lodge, Charlton, joined to WS, sold for $224 to Rodwells St Arnaud.

BD & HA Jobling, Lalbert, sold 173 Merino ewes 2013 drop, September shorn, SIL to WS, for $186 to Elders Hay. JT & EM Casey, Birchip, forwarded 150 Merino ewes, 2012 drop, August shorn, that went for $150 to Rodwells Horsham.

In the Merino wether section Cedar Meats paid $147 for 395 wethers, June 2017 drop, February shorn, sold account JJ Hallam Pty Ltd. The same buyer paid $145 for 128 wethers, 2016 drop, sold account GK & RJ Isaac, Wedderburn.

Trealla Farms sold 386 Merino wethers, 2017 drop, December shorn for $137 to Cedar Meats. A number of lines also went out to the paddock with  Elders Euroa paying $130 for 212 wethers, 2016 drop, November shorn, sold account JF & BH Wright, Terrapee.


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