Alfoxton Dohne sell to $3200, av $1975

Full clearance for Alfoxton Dohne as bids top $3200 at Armidale sale


A better average than last year and full clearance for Alfoxton as buyers choose Dohne rams for dual purpose systems.

Repeat and new buyers delivered a better result than last year at the annual Alfoxton Dohne Merino sale on Monday, topping at $3200.


The Armidale, NSW, stud operated by Chris and Cindy Clonan, sold all 70 rams and averaged $1975, up almost $450 on last year with the most even line presented in the stud’s 15 years of annual sales.

All rams in this year’s sale traced their lineage to a grand-sire purchased privately from the Calga Dohne stud at Coonamble, NSW, which brought a bright crimpy fleece and good carcase to Monday’s offering.

The top ram at $3200 for lot 20, sold to Allistair and Kirsty Michel, “Loch Allen” Warialda. The September 2016 drop natural single by Alf14-069 weighed 106.5 kilograms, with a fleece micron fibre diameter of 18.1, and had Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) of +5.1 for yearling weight, +11.3 for clean fleece weight, +0.3 for fat and +0.5 for eye muscle depth (EMD).

Repeat customer and this year’s volume buyer, Ian Uebergang and his daughter Kate Cutler, “Oakhurst”, North Star. The Uebergang’s purchased 18 rams to an average of $2155 up to $3000 for lot 31, Alf16-381 by Alf15-678. The September 2016 drop natural twin had a fleece micron of 19.6, +5 for yearling weight, +13.3 for clean fleece weight, +0.1 for fat and +0.1 EMD.


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