New hope for sharing network


Wireless providers have pinned their hopes to new ‘dynamic spectrum access’ technology that they say removes the need for “monopoly licences. It can allocate access within the band to networks when required  – allowing multiple providers to share the band.


ACMA said dynamic access would favour bigger players over small providers.

Wireless Internet Providers Association of Australia Lynda Summers dismissed ACMA’s offer to consult on disaggregated licences.

The 3.6GHz spectrum auction must abandoned and replaced by a sharing plan “as the rest of the world is doing”. “We can’t risk yet another telecommunications debacle in the country areas… The sharing model is innovative and visionary and will produce results. Isn’t that in the national interest?”   

ACMA has proposed “unprecedented” transitional arrangements for the WISPs, including a seven year period of ongoing access to the 3.6GHz spectrum, which it argued is beyond the lifespan of current technology.

A spokeswoman for Mr Fifield said the Minister would consider ACMA’s recommendation, including the implications for regional Australians.


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