Satisfied customers at Yea

Satisfied customers at Yea


Producers selling female cattle at the annual Yea Female Sale, last Friday, were happy with their results.


Producers selling female cattle at the annual Yea Female Sale, last Friday, were happy with their results.

For mine, having attended the annual Female sales at Wodonga, I thought this sale may have been a little cheaper.

However, when you look at the individual results, many similarities can been made between the two selling centres.

Having said this, the story is all about Yea, which was solid for most cattle, a little easier for some, and stronger for others. A little bit of everything really.

One could not fault the quality of the yarding, and the competition was good, and for some pens, prices varied to over $200 higher than the opening offer.

Competition was mostly local, but one buyer from the north east purchased a reasonable percentage of the yarding of 1038 head.

A small offering of heifers and calves sold well. Mayneline Angus sold 9 heifers with calves to 4 months, Ai’d by TeMania bulls, for the sales top price of $2820.

Most heifers and calves sold between $1935 & $2300, and most were Angus. Renard Blondes, Cobram, sold Blonde d’Aquitaine heifers and calves to $2300.

Three or four large consignments of joined females represented a big percentage of the overall yarding. Many of these sold between $1600 & $2000, and it has to be mentioned that many of these were rising 2, and 2 year old heifers.

D chancellor, Alexandra, sold Angus heifers, 3 years & mixed ages, the 3 year old’s topping this section of the market at $2600, with mixed age cows making $2300. Their 2 year old heifers sold to $2000.

Talking numbers, DGA&EJ Douglas, Woodstock Manor, Woodstock, sold a total of 121 Angus heifers. Their heifers, 2.5 years, sold from $1840-$2000, and the 2 year old’s, $1720-$1840.

“Callandoon”, Strath Creek, sold 93 Reiland blood, Angus hefiers, PTIC to Glendaloch bulls from $1600-$2125. Most of these heifers weighed 550 kilograms or less.

“Three Sisters, Flowerdale, sold 61 TeManaia blood heifers, PTIC to Glendaloch bulls from $1700 to a top of $2200.

Dueran Pastoral Co, Mansfield, sold a run of 97 Angus heifers, 2 years, PTIC to Anvil bulls, from $1600-$1780.

Merton Past Co, Ancona, was another large vendor, selling 105 heifers, mostly Angus, with one pen of Angus-Hereford heifers. These sold from $1600-$1920.

Coming from outside the district was Dingley Dell, Thorpdale (property sold). Their 82 younger heifers were a mixture of Angus, Hereford, Charolais cross, and Murray Grey cross, and sold from $1300-$1760.

A good sale was 42 Hereford heifers, Mawarra blood, PTIC to Paringa bulls, that sold from $1820-$1960.

A herd dispersal of Greenhills Herefords saw heifers, 2.5 years, weigh to 703kgs. These Mawarra & glendon blood heifers were in prime condition, and sold for $1740, their 2 year old’s selling form $1740-$1940.

Closing the sale was a few pens of yearling steers and a small quantity of unjoined heifers. Steers sold from $980-$1250.

Renard Blondes sold 19 heifers, 400kgs, for $1100, and other heifers sold between $700 for 319kg crossbreds, to $1010 for Angus heifers.


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