Wodonga F1 females steady

Wodonga F1 females steady

Victorian Weaner Sales

Quality could not be faulted in the Wodonga agents F1 female sale, Wednesday, January 17.


Quality could not be faulted in the Wodonga agents F1 female sale, Wednesday, January 17.

Only a small offering of 132 calved-females, 184 PTIC heifers, and 60 unjoined heifers, were presented to a small crowd.

As the past few years have gone, fewer dedicated vealer producers have held onto this prime market, of European cross vealers.

However, dedication still exists among the producers selling, Wednesday.

Gino and Rita Mizzi, Genrik Park, Benalla, continue to produce a very good article, and they were awarded with the markets top price.

Hereford-Friesian heifers were again the preferred choice for some buyers, which saw Genrik Park heifers, 2.5 years, with Limousin calves at foot-2-6 weeks, sell to $2625. Their prices started at $2200 for Hereford Friesians, and a pen of 10 Angus-Friesian heifers sold for $2150.

Not taking away from any of the vendors, the majority of the offering was mostly outstanding.

It is fair to say that numerous pens of 2.5 year old heifers weighed in excess of 600 kilograms with the heaviest pen over 700kgs liveweight.

Charlock Partnership, Charleroi, sold 7 Angus-Friesian heifers, with Limousin calves, for $2425, and their Hereford-Friesians made $2600.

Most of the PTIC heifers were 2.5 years, with calves, and sold between $2120-$2625.

P&V Hourigan, Everton, sold 33 heifers from $2340-$2540.

Moving onto PTIC heifers, again mostly 2.5 years, and in calf to Limousin bulls, competition was quite good.

Charlock Partnership sold 78 Angus-Friesian heifers from $1880-$2280, to snaffle the top price.

P&V Hourigan sold 17 Angus-Friesian heifers from $2060-$2130.

Three pens of heifers, just over two years, of Mark Larkin, Kergunyah, sold from $1910-$2120.

Mark Larkin also sold 11 PTIC heifers, 2 years, from $1860-$1910.

Not all of the joined females were heifers.

Craddock and Fanning, Euroa, sold 12 Angus-Friesian third calving cows, joined to a Deepdale Charolais bull, from $1800-$1980.

Broad Billabong, Browns Plains, sold second calving heifers from $1740-$1830.

These slightly older cows were in their working clothes, after rearing their previous calves.

Despite being hard to find with fewer dairy farmers using beef bulls, unjoined heifers sold to restricted competition.

Selling to the best competition were 14 Angus-Friesian heifers of A&K Kirley, Dederang. Their top pen sold for $1010.

Some heifers were a shade younger, and not in quite as good condition, and prices ranged from $760-$980 for the balance of the small offering.


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