Diversity key to WVLX

Diversity key to WVLX


In a unique twist stock agents from four surrounding market centres have come together to form the WVLX Livestock Agents Association.

Its inaugural president Bruce Redpath, who has commenced employment with a newly forged partnership between Elders Rural Services and Kerr & Co Livestock to be known as Elders Kerr & Co, said the association’s eleven foundation members have all come from different backgrounds, with different ideas of how a saleyard market should be run, especially the diverse marketing of beef and dairy cows. 

WVLX livestock agents association inaugural president, Bruce "Reddas" Redpath said many positive comments were received during last Saturday's public open day.

WVLX livestock agents association inaugural president, Bruce "Reddas" Redpath said many positive comments were received during last Saturday's public open day.

All of the member agents he said are senior men. They possess vast experience of running their own companies so with this varied background and knowledge they are not out to close other market centres but to build Mortlake into a world-class facility that will benefit their clients as well as own existing businesses.

More affectionately known in the industry as “Reddas”, Mr Redpath said the only other saleyards that comes close to providing these opportunities is the recently built Yass, NSW saleyards, which was constructed by the same organization as the WVLX, and then perhaps the Wodonga saleyards at Barnawartha.

Mr Redpath said the Mortlake agents conducted their second meeting last Saturday after a Public Open Day of the saleyards, and they were very impressed by the positivity. He said the feedback from the public on the composition of the soft floors, the roof design, the single and bulk weigh scales and the load-in/load-out facilities drew many favorable comments from the 2500 or more people that took the opportunity inspected the site.

Mr Redpath said the new WVLX is designed for a simplified but more sophisticated method of selling. He said all of the receivals, the drafting, scanning, weighing and delivery functions would be conducted by WVLX-contracted yard staff under the supervision and direction of each of the selling agents.

To attain the maximum buyer support necessary to make the new facility a success post-weigh was the only alternative. - Bruce Redpath, WVLX Livestock Agents Association

He said all prime cattle would be sold under the post-weigh system of selling while store cattle sales would be offered on a dollar per head basis with a known live weight displayed.

He said the decision to sell “post-weigh” was accepted without discussion. The yards said have been designed for post-weigh with the flexible for pre-sale weighing however to attain the buyer support necessary to make the new facility a success post-weigh was the only alternative.

Mr Redpath said one of the many features of the WVLX was its 120 bull pens that were isolated within the complex and incorporated its their own individual-weigh station. He said this part of the facility would assist to maximize the producer returns on a livestock that is frequently sold direct to the meat work without adequate competition.

Mr Redpath said weekly prime markets will begin from Monday, January 22, at 9:30 am while regular store cattle markets begin Thursday, February 1, at 10:30am, then move to the 2nd-Friday of each month.

Weekly prime markets he said will begin with the selling of bulls followed by bullocks, heavy heifers young cattle and then cows, with each agents to sell their run in their turn.

Store sales will start at 10am with beef cattle penned and sold according quality, size and age of the presented stock with sales of dairy and crossbred cattle to follow.

And on special occasions, with the likes of beef female and feature annual sales, beef-only sales would be held and this would be bolstered by the WVLX’s EU and MSA accreditation.

Mr Redpath said it was still to be determined if all of the store cattle would be offered with a displayed known live weight. This would be left to the discretion of the selling agent and the vendor, and of course any input would be welcomed from the buyers including the opportunity to sell store cattle by liveweight.

Mr Redpath said the common view among the foundation agents was that the WVLX needed to be supported by a large majority of the region’s producers to be a successful.

The developers he said have completed their commitment to build a state-of-the-art facility that will service the rural and livestock communities for a long time to come. They (WVLX developers) have streamlined the sale process to bring the efficiency needed to reduce selling costs while they have also incorporated futuristic technology that will attract and allow for off-site competition.

The facility he said, has also embraced and made a high priority the animal and human welfare needs. “The public perception of saleyards are clouded, and this developments will meet the higher standards expected.”


  • All cattle (exc bulls 401kg+) $15.95/head (excl GST),
  • Bulls 401kg+ - $20.45 per head (excl GST)
  • Other charges may be applicable for missing NLIS tags

Foundation Members

  • Elders Kerr & Co
  • HF Richardson P/L
  • Southern Grampians Livestock
  • Landmark
  • Ray White Keatley
  • LMB Linke
  • Charles Stewqart & Co
  • Charles Stewart Nash McVilly
  • Rodwells
  • JM Ellis & Co

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