A revelation in header design

New Holland release Revelation CR header

The rebadged New Holland CR Revolution will be available in 2018

The rebadged New Holland CR Revolution will be available in 2018


New Holland release Revelation CR header


THE world’s highest capacity header is getting an extra boost in the new year. 

New Holland Agriculture has announced Australia will see the CR header undergo a evolution with the primary focus on productivity. 

To signify these changes the New Holland CR has been rebadged “Revelation” which will be available for the 2018 harvest.

New Holland, combine product manager, Marc Smith said while the CR already held the world record for harvesting, the new model was an example of continuous improvement. 

“It’s the most powerful combine in the market with the highest capacity,” he said. 

“The control of crop flow has been improved, assisting our customers increase their productivity.

“We increased capacity and residue management performance.

“And with the new styling we improved visibility and serviceability.”

Mr Smith said the capacity of the Revelation was capable of up to 10 per cent increased capacity, achieved through improved controls of crop flow and twin pitch plus rotors. 

‘New Hollands unique twin rotor design ensures industry leading performance whilst maintaining minimal grain damage and ultimately ensuring greater returns to the owner,” he said.

Mr Smith said another feature was a dynamic flow system.

“The operator can control the speed in which the crop travels through the header via in cab adjustable rotor vanes,” he said.

“This leads to greater power efficiency gains and superior grain quality.”

Mr Smith said in the case of a concave breakaway there was now an in-cab concave reset, which reduced the time to reset from 20 minutes to 60 seconds. 

“This leads to more time in the paddock harvesting and less down time,” he said. 

Mr Smith said the CR 9.90 and 10.90 Revolution models featured dynamic feed roll as a standard feature, while the twin pitch rotors were a factory option in 2018. 

The CR 7.9 will have newly designed higher rotor covers in 2018, he said.

Mr Smith said the CR 10.90 in the Revelation model had an increase of 37 kilowatts of power, bringing to to 522 kW (700 horsepower).

The Revelation, he said, was capable of up to 45 feet spreading width. 

“The straw management system is further improved with V-shaped paddles, this helps concentrate the material to the centre of paddle therefore creating greater throw,” Mr Smith said.

“The result is a wider spread and better spread distribution.”

Mr Smith said the chaff spreader had been entirely redesigned with a patented air crop flow system replacing the traditional impact based design.

 “The new CR headers feature a new residue management system that delivers a finer chop, wider spread and better distribution,” he said.  

“The improvements to the chopper, which include a reinforced rotor, longer counter knives and increased chopper speed.”

Mr Smith said the new colour scheme inside the machine and on the upper part of the header would allow better visibility during the harvest and daily maintenance.

The story A revelation in header design first appeared on Farm Online.


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