Cheaper market at Colac sale

Cheaper market at Colac sale


THE MARKET was slightly cheaper at Colac’s final store cattle sale of the year on Friday, but did not stray too far from agents’ expectations.

THE MARKET was slightly cheaper at Colac’s final store cattle sale of the year on Friday, but did not stray too far from agents’ expectations.


Colac agents offered 1626 steers, heifers, cows and calves, and joined cattle, and sold to a steady crowd of mainly local backgrounders.

HF Richardson livestock agent Matt Sculley said in a generally cheaper market, the better-bred feature lines of steers sold very well.

“Most of the heavy lines of steer weaners made from 325c/kg to 365c/kg, with some of the lighter steers selling for more than that,” Mr Sculley said.

The steers sold to a top of $1500/head, and were sold by Lucy McEachern, ‘Springrun’, Wingeel, for four 565 kilogram steers.

Ms McEachern said the 14-15 month-old steers are out of bulls from her family’s former Ardno Hereford stud.

“We’ve had a wonderful season, and these prices are fantastic,” Ms McEachern said.

A standout line of weaner steers was sold by Mark Ham, Freshwater Creek, who offered 40 Barwidgee and Murdeduke-blood Angus steers.

Mr Ham’s tops made $1280/head, and following a cold and wet season at his property, said he was happy with this price.

“They’re 30kg lighter than last year, where we made $1510/head, but we’re still very pleased with these prices,” Mr Ham said.

Mr Sculley said Mr Ham’s lineup, as well as another standout lineup from ‘Yeowarra’, who offered 50 10 month-old Alpine-blood Angus steers, sold well because of strong breeding.

“They’re very well-bred, well-known cattle, and they usually sell well,” Mr Sculley said.

Buyer Murray Stoney, Modewarre, who plans to take them home and fatten them up, agreed, saying he has purchased before and had good results.

It was a wet day at Colac on Friday.

In the buying gallery was Jill and Daniel Madden, ‘Lady Franklin Farm’, Colac West, who purchased a pen of 13 ‘M&H Macdonald’ 409kg 8-9 month-old Murdeduke-blood Angus steers for $1220/head, and a pen of 10 ‘Yeowarra’ 407kg 10 month-old Alpine-blood Angus steers for $1210/head.

“It’s been hard to get cattle lately, but we’ll grow these out for another six months, and hope to make our money’s worth,” Ms Madden said.

Heifers sold to a top of $1230/head, but Mr Sculley said heifer sales were “erratic”.

“In a mixed-quality yarding of heifers, prices were erratic,” Mr Sculley said.

Cows and calves made to a top of $2600/unit.

“The better lines of cows and calves weren’t dear, however the secondary lines sold very well,” he said.


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