High quality yarding at Yea

High quality yarding at Yea


SOME larger special entries aided a big yarding of 2134 cattle at Yea, Friday.

SOME larger special entries aided a big yarding of 2134 cattle at Yea, Friday.


The size of the offering attracted a big crowd, which included feedlot orders, Western District, West and South Gippsland, buyers, South Australia, and many from within a 150 kilometre radius.

Quality was very good in all classes, and demand was strong, to create a firm to dearer market.

F Caccetta and T&I Haber, both sold heavy yearling steers for $1510 to top the sale.

The feature line offered by 'Yirraba Pastoral Co', Yea.

Yirraba Pastoral Co, Yea, offered a feature draft of yearling Angus steers weighing up to 454 kilograms liveweight.

These 138 steers were in top condition, and would normally be sold to a feedlot. 

However, owner, David Webbware, sent them to Yea because of the competition.

Selling from $1200-$1380 saw them make 20c/kg or more, above feedlot offers.

Ballandry Past Co, Strath Creek, sold 77 Angus steers, over 400kgs, from $1350-$1450, or 325c/kg lwt average.

Steers weighing under 400kgs sold to $1270 with many between $1100 and the higher price. A&N Grant, Deniliquin, sold 35 Blonde d’Aquitane steers from $1120-$1240.

Lighter weighted, younger steers of Cocking&Webster, sold very well making $1140 for 22 head. This equaled over 400c/kg lwt.

Most heifers were in forward store to prime condition, and 10 Charolais heifers, 20mths, of Hazelglen P/ship, Doreen, sold for $1360.

However, quality breeding and condition, saw breeders compete strongly for two pens (48 head) of Campsie Glen Angus, Glenburn. Strong bidding took then from a bid of $1000 to the end price of $1250. Campsie Glen’s total offering of 97 head sold from $820-$1250.

While the heifer sale was solid, and quite good, it did not match the strength of the steers, and saw feedlot buyers enter the market.

European breeds, and their crosses were the most proffered here. R&C Dickinson sold 25 Charolais heifers from $900-$1170, P&H Bonsema, 19 Charolais heifers for $1080, and A&N Grant with 24 Blonde cross heifers from $1010-$1030.

Heifer prices generally varied between $770&$950 for younger ones. One consignment from “Valleyview”, were in poor condition, and these 57 head sold well making $540-$650.

Cows and calves were mostly in very good condition with quality, young calves at foot.

“Arunga” sold 9 Shorthron cows with Charolais CAF for $2220, and P Webster Past Co, 13 Pure Paringa blood Charolais from $2000-$2180.

K Chisholm, sold 12 Angus heifers, and 2nd calved cows, with Angus, and Charolais calves from $2050-$2150.

Most other cows and calves sold between $1800 and $1950.


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