Conditions force change in thinking

Conditions force change in thinking

Colin and Bridget Murdoch, "Jincumbilly Grazing", Bombala, and Bede McCosker, Cobargo, sent cattle to Leongatha, Thursday, to try and capture competition from the "grass roots of Gippsland".

Colin and Bridget Murdoch, "Jincumbilly Grazing", Bombala, and Bede McCosker, Cobargo, sent cattle to Leongatha, Thursday, to try and capture competition from the "grass roots of Gippsland".


Dry conditions cause producers to send cattle to grassy Gippsland to attain best price.


At a time when South and West Gippsland are experiencing flooding, some areas the worst for many years, dry conditions to the east and in the mountains, is seeing producers seek alternative sales for marketing their cattle.

While store cattle sales held at Bairnsdale are okay, there has been a cheaper trend.

Cattle were consigned from Bega, Pambula, Cobargo, and Bombala, to Leongatha, Thursday, and sending cattle to where the grass is, was not a bad idea either.

Feedlot competition was absent from the Leongatha market, but local competition kept prices at recent rates.

The yarding of 1100 head included some very good lines of steers and heifers. These cattle sold well in a declining era with yearling steers selling between the equivalent of 292-329c/kg.

Jincumbilly Grazing, Bombala, sent 76 yearling Angus & Angus-Hereford steers (390-436kgs) to Leongatha. These steers promoted good shape and condition, and sold from $1230-$1300, to average $1275. B&B McCosker, Cobargo, sold 32 Angus steers from $1230-$1290, and Bridgewater Park, Wattlebank, 25 Angus steers from $1240-$1370.

The 35 Hereford steers of C&J Moore, sold from $1130-$1270, and “Comeragh”, Leongatha North, sold 45 Angus steers of varying age, from $930-$1240.

As the producers from the dry regions entered the flatter areas of Leongatha, they were very envious of the floodwater they could see.

Spring 2016 drop steers sold quite well, which can be best described in liveweight price terms, with prices ranging from 329-382c/kg.

A Conisbee & Co, Glengarry, sold 111 Angus steers from $940 for the youngest steers, to $1310 for some older, 12 months, steers.

Local Angus steers offered by S Campbell, Mardan, sold to the best of the day’s prices. These 69 younger steers, TeMania & Yancowinna blood, sold from $955-$1120.

Typical of a dairying area, several pens of Friesian steers, from very young to bullocks were penned. BA&LN Jefferis, Korumburra South, sold 36 steers from $850-$900, or 227-232c/kg lwt. Eleven Friesian cross bullocks of Mandy Bongers, Ruby, sold for $1220.

Heifers were in short supply, and competition was mixed depending on age, weight, and quality. J&L Kennedy, Pambula, sent 7 grown heifers to fill a truck, and these sold only for $1100.

A Conisbee & Co, Glengarry, sold 23 yearling Angus heifers from $1110-$1180, or 305-311c/kg lwt. Competition for these heifers was strong with both pens seeing bidding over $100 from the start.

J&M White, French Island, sold 8 Angus heifers for $960, and B&R Cashin, Stony Creek, 7 Charolais-Angus heifers from $750-$810.

Away from these heifers, several pens of Angus-Friesain and Hereford-Friesian heifers were offered. Some were older, but competition was good for all weights. G&L Webster, Middle Tarwin, sold 5 heifers, 16 months, which could be joined now, for $1050.

Launder Farms, also of Middle Tarwin, sold 18 heifers, 6-7 months, for $770, and B&P Thexton, Gormandale, 21 young heifers from $510-$550. GA Allott, Toora, property sold, offered 14 French Normande cross heifers, which sold from $780-$920.

Last of all was a small selection of cows and calves.

J&L Kennedy, Pambula, sold 15 Angus cows with calves at foot, 1-2 months, with the successful purchaser taking both pens for $1660. W&P Joyce, property sold, have been selling cows as they calve. This sale, they sold Angus cross cows with young calves from $950-$1300.

GA Allott sold four pens (25) French Normande cross cows and calves. Three pens made $1040, the other 6 sold for $960.


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