Excellent rain helps draw out big crowd

Excellent rain helps draw out big crowd


Greenwood Livestock's annual spring sale drew a big crowd with big rain making a difference.


ATTENDANCE was large at the annual Greenwood Livestock spring sale after 20-50mm of rain fell overnight, and during the morning.

The rain also kept people off the farm, so following the sale seemed like a good idea, despite the freezing temperatures.

The sale district has been hanging out for rain, and this was certainly a boost to the day, plus the rain has signaled a good, early start to spring for most of Victoria.

Very good quality was also a factor in a very solid sale, which saw many vendors smiling after the sale.

A total of 1172 head included yearling and grown steers, but the feature lines of weaned spring 2016 drop steers stole the show.

While strong competition came from South and West Gippsland, some local producers dipped their toe in the water too.

Because of the quality, and weights being acceptable to feedlots, this competition was strong, and several pens will be grain fed for the domestic trade.

Top of the sale was 14 Angus bullocks of RA O’Hara, making $1620 with other yearling steers selling from $1220-$1460.

NW Page, Munro, sold 50 Angus steers from $1220-$1400, or 303-320c/kg lwt.

J&J Mosley, Mount View, Briagalong, sold a feature line of 69 Angus steers from $1120-$1370, or 346-365c/kg. BR,SR&MR Higgins, Glenmaggie, sold 82 Angus-Hereford steers, by Pinora & Innesdale Angus bulls, from $1100-$1310.

Also featured was the 52 Leawood blood, Angus steers of Holleywoods Pastoral Co. These sold between $1260-$1320, or 321-358c/kg lwt.

St Katharines, Giffard, sold a magnificent line of 76 Hereford steers from $1200-$1290. Lightweight steers sold from $700-$940, which was a good result.

BL&MM Lee sold 20 Angus heifers for $980, and most younger heifers made upward of $740.

A few cows and calves were offered at the end of the sale, and demand was mixed. St Katharines, Giffard, sold 15 aged, Angus-Hereford cows with young Hereford calves at foot for, for $1520.

P&J Harrison sold 10 Angus cows with 11 calves for the top price of $1780. Angus heifers and calves, of EN&DS Anderson, sold very well, making $1760. Weight for age, this was a good sale.


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