Northern Mallee: 'Season saving' rains welcomed


Widespread rain has consolidated the season for many Victorian grain farmers.


Widespread rain has swept across south-eastern Australia, consolidating the season for many Victorian grain farmers.

In some parts of the northern Mallee, it has been described as season saving. A general 25-35mm fell across the northern Mallee late last week and extending over the weekend, giving farmers their best rain since April.

Crops in the northern growing areas have responded quickly, brightening in colour and showing signs of immediate growth. Farmers are saying last week’s rain has put them back on track for average to potentially above average yields with reasonable spring rain.

Good falls were recorded in the southern Mallee and Wimmera. Crops there were already benefiting from improved July rainfall.

The Wimmera recorded a general 20-40mm.

*Lloyd George, Ag Scientia


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