Colac prices ease


Prices at Friday’s monthly Colac store sale eased back, in line with other markets.


Yarding: 512 head

Joined cows to $1690

Heifers to $1160

Steers to $1360

PRICES at Friday’s monthly Colac store sale eased back, in line with other markets.

Colac Stock Agents Association president Matt Nelson said both the fat and store markets had come off in the last few months.

“It was going to happen at some stage. A natural correction is the best way to describe it.”

The yarding included 260 steers, 160 heifers, 30 cows and calves, 61 joined females and two bulls.

Charles Stewart-Dove agent Terry Dove said it was a “very good, solid sale”, with a top end to 360c/kilogram for steers and 313c/kg for heifers.

He said the best prices were received by Jim and Janet Alston, Stonyhurst Pastoral Company, Beeac, who offered a draft of 63 steers and heifers.

“It was just a typical winter yarding, we had 47 steers and 16 heifers, with an Angus bull put back over the cows.

Mr Alston said a line of 17 Angus and Angus Shorthorn, September 2016 drop, Hazeldean Angus blood steers weighed 405kg, sold for $1360, or 340c/kg. 

He said he sold another 12 steers, at 361kg for $1300, or 360c/kg. Eight Stonyhurst heifers sold for 290c/kg.

He said the steer prices compared with 460c/kg, at last years sale.

“It’s just the way the market is. It was white hot there a while ago, but you can’t expect that to go forever

Mr Dove said Greystones made $1210 for a pen of 9-10 month old Charolais-Angus steers, or 360c/kg.

Tomintoul’s dispersal, including cows and heifers, achieved at top price of $1690, for pregnancy tested in calf Angus cows, due in October. ​HF Richardson’s Paul Kerr sold drafts of 52 Angus steers, a/c HR and BA Beach for an average of $1210, to a top of $1270.

G&G White received $850 for 24 seven to eight month old weaned Angus-Limousin cross heifers

I and S Menzal sold 10 month old Hereford steers, Wolbull blood, for $1120. Mr Kerr said P Kelly’s 461kg Black Baldys sold to $1440, one of the better results among the heavier steers.

Active buyers at Echuca

THE Echuca store sale on Monday saw many of the drafts on offer going to Gippsland but feedlotters the Conroy Brothers, Milawa, were also active in the market.

FP Nevins Rochester agent Tony Hooppell said the herd dispersal for George and Kath McWinney, Naneela, made a top price of $2350 for Hereford/Friesian cows, with calves at foot.

“They were the cows with bigger calves on them, the January-February drop calves,” Mr Hooppell said.

A better yarding pushed up prices but younger cattle were a little cheaper.

“I’d say we got out of gaol with the rain, it’s set us up for a positive sale, next time.”

Rodwells Thomas McKenzie said his top draft were Angus/Friesian first and second calvers, with Angus calves at foot.

He said the 38 cow calf units made a top of $1650, averaging $1538.


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