Colac sale bucks lower trend

Colac's July 2017 store sale bucks lower trend


Prices were very strong at Colac monthly store sale on Friday, where agents yarded 900 cattle.


Prices were very strong at Colac monthly store sale on Friday, where agents yarded 900 cattle.

Charles Stewart Dove’s Phil Douglas said the strong prices conflicted against a softening prime market.

Support was mainly local with buyers also from Ballarat, Hamilton, Camperdown, Warrnambool and Geelong. Mr Douglas said feedlot enquiry was minimal, grass finishers were the strength.

The quality of yarding was very good with good runs of grown and weaner steers, weaner heifers, joined heifers and cows and calves.

Sale highlights included D&A Hobill’s 12 Angus steers, 18-20 months, 512 kilograms live weight, which made $1650. P Arundell’s six Angus steers, 16-18 months, 495kg, that made $1585. Account Tynimille’s pen of 13 Charolais-Angus cross steers, 16-17 months, 438kg, were knocked down for $1490. IH Jones’ nine Angus steers, 18 months, 448kg, made $1460; P&N Murrihy’s 19 Angus steers, 378kg, 12-14 months $1530. JD Wilson sold 14 Angus steers, 10 months, 361kg, for $1490. Blue Gums sold 10 Angus steers, 9-10 months, 333kg, for $1250.

In the heifers, D Erwin’s Angus-Murray Grey heifers, 324kg, made $1010, and Jewelvale’s Murray Greys, 308kg, made $980.

Highlights of the cows and calves included Crystal Springs’ Limousin cows, second and third calvers with 1-3 month-old calves at-foot (CAF) made $2600-$3000. THC Pastoral’s Angus-Hereford cows with 3-4 month-old Angus CAF sold for $2400.

D&J Hobill consigned 15 Angus heifers due to calve in September to Angus bull, which sold for $2000.


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