Buyers subdued at Sale's May store cattle sale


Standing out in what could be described as a lacklustre day, was the sale of first and second calving Angus heifers, offered by J&I Rodriguez, at Sale on Friday.

After Sale agents cancelled their previous sale, 848 head was presented to a mediocre gallery, Friday.


Standing out in what could be described as a lack lustre day, was the sale of 1st and 2nd calving Angus heifers, offered by J&I Rodriguez.

Good breeding, and good condition aided strong bidding for these females with young calves at foot. One western district buyer competed with locals, and won the day paying $3100 for the 2nd calvers, and $3320 for the heifers.

The balance of the sale offered few lines of steers or heifers, which made it difficult for the crowd to get excited. With at least two of the regular buyers missing, this sale was cheaper compared to others, but still a good sale overall.

ATM Agriculture sold 21 Angus steers, two of which topped the sale. These older steers made $1710, and their younger steers, $1150-$1350.

J&A Castle sold 9 older Hereford steers for $1620, and other yearlings sold from $1120-$1460.

Some steers had their weights displayed, but many did not, and this may have affected competition. One feedlot buyer purchased several pens of steers and heifers.

A&J Scicluna sold 14 Charolais-Angus steers (461 kiolgrams) from $1370-$1450. J&J Elliott sold 20 Angus steers, 334-360kgs, from $1300-$1340. 

There was a lot of bellowing in the yards, which would suggest numerous unweaned calves were penned. The Estate JM Mawley sold 48 Angus steers from $920-$1130, and P&S Ashdown, 26 Angus steers from $950-$1080.

Yearling Angus heifers, offered by D Bates, sold for $1210, and S Brooker sold 13 Angus heifers for $1090. 

Younger heifers sold to mixed competition, which was generally weaker than previous sales. Topping this section was R&M Jenkinson, selling 13 Charolais X calves, 297kgs, for $1090.

Most heifers sold in a range of $690-$990. G&J Collins sold 10 Black Simmental x heifers for $990, and J&I Rodriguez, 16 Angus heifers for the same money.

The Estate of JM Mawley sold 26 Angus heifers from $820-$880, and at the lighter end, GP&RM Van Tilburg, sold 10 Brangus calves for $570.


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