Blacks kick off Elders sales in high style

Blacks kick off Elders sales in high style

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Elders annual Mountain Calf sales started with the Black Cattle sale at Omeo on Tuesday morning.

Elders annual Mountain Calf sales started with the Black Cattle sale at Omeo on Tuesday morning.


Some of the cattle showed signs of the past three weeks of drying weather, however, the yarding of 3477 steers and heifers were generally in quite good condition.

Because of the good summer season, Omeo and Benambra producers had few light weight calves to offer, and although the older cattle were of weight to last year, overall, the weight of the yarding was heavier.

There was competition from the north with a couple of buyers present, but most of the competition came from south and west Gippsland.

EU accredited cattle were a feature of this sale, but only Thomas Foods took up the option of keeping their purchases in the system.

Competition was strong from the outset, and prices were very good, both dollar wise and by liveweight price estimates. Solid demand in the first three lanes saw few cattle sell below $1250.

Pride of place went to Mountain Maid, selling 20 Angus steers, Ireland Angus blood, to a top of $1530. They sold another 42 Angus steers from $1040-$1370.

Brookville Angus, Brookville, had first pen honors, and sold two pens, 42 head, for $1440. Their total 113 head averaged $1313.

Many other vendors in the first few lanes saw similar results. AI&RD Nicholas sold 42 Angus steers from $1260-$1500. Many of the heavier were estimated to equal 365-387c/kg lwt.

TFI, Harmony Farms and some regular South Gippsland buyers set the pace early. Other buyers entering the market had to bid up if they wanted cattle.

Elders auctioneer Ryan Sargeant selling some of the black cattle on offer at Omeo.

GH&AJ Burston, Benambra, sold 164 Angus and Angus-Hereford steers from $1100-$1460.

These, and other regular feature lines of steers are chased by many repeat buyers, and this created a very strong trend. BC&GC Flynn sold 122 Angus steers from $1090-$1370. Strong supporters of this sale for many years are CE&DG Anderson. They sold 142 steers from $1060-$1420, having their best ever sale. 

It took most of the morning before prices fell below $1000, and even then only a few pens sold for $900-$1000. LH&SE Pendergast sold 181 steers for $910-$1070 with the tops making $1230.

In the younger calves, Black Mountain Station, selling 196 steers from $900-$1100, and KJ&CJ Connley, 70 steers from $900-$1000. All of these vendors were very happy with their outcomes.

Dry conditions in the Gelantipy area affected the weight of the annual draft of Angus-Hereford heifers offered by FA&DM Boulton. One buyer purchased nearly all of these 404 heifers for breeders, paying from $1050-$1260 with the lighter heifers making from $670-$940.

Other producers looking to buy breeding heifers paid a high price. Mountain Maid’s Angus heifers sold to $1600 after a long battle from $1200 at their start.

GV&JG Crisp sold 64 Angus heifers for $860-$1270, and GH&AJ Burston, 61 heifers for $860-$1090. Some pens of the youngest heifers were bought for a SA grain feeder, to be backgrounded for when numbers are stalled later in the year. Most younger heifers made $705-$950.


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