Excitement builds for day 2 at Wodonga

Excitement builds for day 2 at Wodonga


Wodonga's independent agents enjoyed an enthusiastic crowd, with most returning from the previous day. Agents and buyers said this market was dearer than the previous day, and producers were very happy.

Hereford steer calves sold to very strong demand from the outset. This draft of 68 Hereford steers of "Booroola" sold to $1480, equalling 380-404c/kg lwt.

Hereford steer calves sold to very strong demand from the outset. This draft of 68 Hereford steers of "Booroola" sold to $1480, equalling 380-404c/kg lwt.

BATTLING THE HEAT and another large sale at Yea on the same day made no difference to the crowd, or their confidence. Northern competition was again very strong and purchased a large share of the feeder steer and heifer market.

Wodonga’s independent agents offered a larger than expected yarding of 4110 head, which did included some yearling steers and heifers. Opening the sale with quality yearling steers, Rodwells/Rurao Livestock, sold two pens of Hereford steers for MG&A Trewin, Bungil. The prices for 46 head were from $1360-$1550.

The sales top price was achieved by JC&KA Cardwell, Gundowring, selling 23 Hereford steers, 492kgs, for $1660. This price was equalled elsewhere and most yearling sold between $1405&$1660 with lighter weight steers from $1220-$1400.

Opening the annual calf section of the market was three pens of Hereford steers, offered by “Booroola”, Avenel. Their 68 steers sold from $1320-$1480, and equalled 380-404c/kg lwt. This set the trend for the rest of the steers.

The strength of this sale was for steers weighing upward of 320kgs with very strong demand pushing prices from $1250-$1500, with many equalling 370-434c/kg lwt. ND Ralston, Hollywood, Euroa, sold 77 Hereford steers, 302-379kgs, from $1310-$1425.

FE&JF McCormack, Tallangatta Valley, was awarded the Rural Finance, Best Presented pen, for 26 Hereford steers weighing 370kgs. These sold for $1400.

European breeds sold to very strong feedlot competition for a very mixed range of crossbreeds and weights. Cottonwoods P/L, Tallangatta, sold 28 European cross steers from $1250-$1580.

Local competition purchased many of the Hereford steers,  but northern buyers came to the fore when European breeds were sold. Charolais, Black Limousin, Simmental & Black Simmental, Hicks Composite, Limousin, and their crosses all came under fire. JF&EM Terrill & Sons, Rutherglen, sold 25 Simmental-Hereford steers to $1350.Rivalea (Aust) P/L, Corowa, sold 40 Charolais steers from $1240-$1310.

One of the larger vendors was Glencoe Past Co, Holbrook, who sold 98 Black Simmental & Hicks Composite steers. Varying greatly in weight, from 237-377kgs, they sold from $1005-$1345. These steers indicated the range of prices achieved for many of the steers.

Heifers sold to very mixed demand with the opening salve of yearling heifers just reaching their fat value. Yerrin P/L, Lima south, sold 8 Angus-Hereford heifers, 492kgs, for $1460. Most yearlings sold between $1130 & $1375.

Competition for the 2016 drop heifers was strong, but weight and fat cover did determine some of the level of competition. once again, feedlots set the pace for most European breeds.

“Booroola” Hereford heifers sold from $1060-$1150 for 51 head, or 356-385c/kg lwt. Most of the heifers sold from $1005-$1295. BM&MM Campbell, Keotong, sold 41 Charolais-Hereford heifers from $1060-$1190, ND Ralston, 37 Hereford heifers from $1085-$1210, and Glencoe Past Co, 70 Black Simmental heifers from $1010-$1210.

One line of EU accredited heifers sold very well. Prichard Nominees P/L, Tallangatta, sold 138 Angus, Angus-Hereford, and Shorthorn-Angus heifers from $1045-$1200, and all were kept in the EU system.


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