Eastern cattle indicator reaches new high

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Young cattle prices are lagging slightly in Victoria and Queensland.

The EYCI set a new record of 673.5¢/kg cwt on Thursday, having gained 12¢ on the week.


Dubbo and CTLX topped the 700¢ barrier for the first time, while a number of NSW yards posted 690¢. 

Victoria and Queensland are lagging slightly. Heavy steers also hit a record high at 622¢/kg cwt, with Victoria (654¢) and NSW (640¢) leading the way.

Cows didn’t break a record, but they did gain 51¢ to hit an extraordinary high of 591¢/kg cwt in SA this week.

Traditionally, we don’t start to see any sort of improvement in supply until at least September. 

As such, prices are not expected to ease too far any time soon. 

The key for many producers will be trying to get cattle finished before the tipping point, which could see values fall by at least 10 per cent when supply starts to flow.

*Mecardo, Ag Concepts


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