Ballarat beats expectation


SUMMARY: Yarded: 4337 steers Average Price: $1126/head Grown steers: to $1710 Weaners to $1400 Prices topped expectation at the annual steer sale at Ballarat...



Yarded: 4337 steers

Average Price: $1126/head

Grown steers: to $1710

Weaners to $1400

Prices topped expectation at the annual steer sale at Ballarat on Friday.

Competing for a yarding of 4337, Gippsland bullock finishers pushed aside usually dominant feeder buyers securing a large portion of the heavier grown steers plus the majority of the heavier weaner cattle.

Interstate orders from NSW also made their presence felt and while feeders did claim a share of the yarding their successes were restricted by the eagerness of the grass-finisher inquiry.

TB White & Sons co-principal Leo White said it would be hard to find another yard offering the potential for bullock finishing. And while the lot feeders did buy cattle he said the Gippsland agents were very dominant.

A market top of $1710 a head was paid by Korumburra agent Don Bowman, Elders for a double yard of 24 Angus, 576kg, presented by D Peters.  

Mr Bowman’s order claimed five for the first seven pens sold and included 16 Angus 474kg bought at $1550 from vendor, Attunga.

Teys Charlton feedlot purchased 17 Lake Goldsmith Angus steers 488kg at $1600 a head in its 225 head haul of the market while SA feeder Thomas Foods was also a keen competitor.

Grown steer sales in the opening lanes were pitched on 305- 325c/kg liveweight with the rate lifted to 340-350c/kg on lots when weights drifted below 425 kilograms.

Weaner sales were also dominated by the strong east of Melbourne demand, with Leongatha and Pakenham agencies especially strong.

Leo White said agent talk before the sale was hopeful prices of 320-340c/kg lwt might be possible. “But sales on the day have averaged closer to 350c, with odd sales of first draft cattle making to 380c/kg, he said.

The top priced weaners, sold at $1400, were a yard of 20 Angus, 432kg sold by Nebpak.

B& K Carey, Millbrook also enjoyed a strong result on 24 Angus, 398kg sold at $1340 followed by a second yard of 48, 351 kg, sold at $1260.

John Fraser, Fraser Partners of Bo-Peep, said it was a wonderful day to sell cattle. The Fraser Partners top draft of 26 Angus, 403kg, made to $1360/head from a total consignment of 150 head while D & A Briody, Ercildoune scored $1290 a head for a yard of 22 Angus 389kg.

A large number of lots weighed at 340kg and heavier made $1200- $1280 a head and included a highlight sale made for GA Crick & Co, Blowhard at $1280 a head for yard of 38 Angus, 332kg.

Most vendors’ second and third draft pens then made $1050- $1150 a head with most of these lots (when unweighed) considered heavier than 280kg.


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