Deniliquin: sheep, lambs, goats, calves

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The AMG Deniliquin product range will incorporate the processing of sheep, lamb, goats and calves.

The AMG Deniliquin product range will incorporate the processing of sheep, lamb, goats and calves.


The plant is now officially US licensed and this will allow the company to further develop and expand its product range when the new establishment is built and commissioned next door.

The Deniliquin operation is currently processing 2200 to 2500 small-stock units per day and this figure will only grow as the company’s customer base grows.

The new Deniliquin abattoir, when built, will also contain the latest technology. But following the footsteps of the Dandenong facility small steps will be taken as the plant is commissioned. a new team of employees are trained and evolutional changes that have occurred in smallstock processing industry are picked up.

AMG Livestock manager, Ben Davies said the location of the Deniliquin abattoirs was ideal as it sits in the centre of Australia’s most-heavily populated sheep production areas and within a 500 kilometers of major saleyard markets at Dubbo in the north, Wagga and Corowa to the east, and all Victorian and main SA saleyards.

Mr Davies said the Deniliquin plant is ideally situated for the western Riverina as it is the southern-most export plant that has road train access which should provide freight-cost saving for pastoral area producers.

“Our aim is to process as much livestock that is specific to the region” he said.

“There are many growing global markets that can be harnessed for mutton, lamb, goats and bobby calves and these are all farmed naturally within the region, he said.

AMG will process both light and heavy lambs which will allow producers to value-add their stock if they desire he said.


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