Interesting article.......just curious as to when ANZ are going to allow farmers to fully take advantage of these opportunities with some modern financing packages instead of the ones currently available - you cant put a round peg into a square hole!!
01/09/14 11:11 PM
Wonder if Landcare work with Peter Andrews to take advantage of the Natural Sequence Farming techniques. The two organisations could leverage off each other. Landcare could promote improved soil structure, soil fertility, decreasing need for fertiliser use and retaining fresh water in the soil profile that also keeps salt down, etc. NSF could leverage off Landcare's networks. Sounds like a plan.
01/09/14 10:56 PM
Well that's a turn up. The good senator trying to put some transparency into the system.
01/09/14 10:30 PM
if this title read" aus mining confidence eases" there would be an federal inquiry, royal commission, change in act of parliament etc.
but no, the farmers get ignored again. it must be because their is a ag boom on. someone just forgot to tell the farmers!
01/09/14 05:14 AM
Why is rural finance dearer than retail finance? Why can I borrow 95% of a house's value at 4.9% interest in a market that is inflating on sentiment and then be unable to get the same rate for my farm on a deflated value sentiment? Of course a banker would say rural debt is healthy, to admit anything else is to admit fault in lending policies. Banks are more like parasites now, like ticks on a starving cow. Not all cows with ticks look sick, but if you don't treat for them eventually they cost you money. I am ready for a dip!
01/09/14 12:18 AM


It does seem patently clear that PGA does not actually understand the need for Government to enhance competition in the grain industry by enabling small exporters easier access to national infrastructure. East/West divide talk is of course also nonsense. I cannot see any reason to exempt CBH from the code either. It is in any case not that onerous. It has ended up being much more light touch (than the previous regulation), just as Watkins and Taylor desired for GNC and other major port facility entities. CBH are possibly behind this little delay, as they fear competition and so might PGA.
01/09/14 11:05 PM
If you want to get rid of the mice issue run sheep post harvest, make a $ and solve the mouse problem!
31/08/14 06:30 AM
There are ominous signs out there for Australian growers.
They should also be aware that if we still had our single desk, AWB Ltd would have locked in at least $40.00 worth of premiums through their hedging programs.
Our wheat will also be harder to sell because the mega merchants have trashed our reputation for quality.
28/08/14 09:23 PM
In WA, we have seen higher prices for wheat in recent years. However Senator Dean Smith's claims that such higher prices are due to deregulation don't stand up to scrutiny. That is pure uneducated speculation. He needs to produce substantiating evidence including comparing global prices and AWB payments to growers prior to 2007 with global prices and grower farm gate receipts since 2007. We have seen much higher global prices since 2007 due to demand outstripping supply and increased use of cereals in biofuels. So, isn't it that which has been causing higher returns rather than deregulation?
27/08/14 10:19 PM
The new lupin "flake" can be used to make the equivalent of a soy and linseed loaf. The lupin flake disappears into the dough. My family liked not having the "lumps" of soy grit I substituted with lupin flake. As a lupin grower I am excited at the prospect of this product. It should be available in health food stores and selected IGA stores in November. Lupin flake is prebiotic and has about the highest percent of protein of any grain. Great for weight loss. It can also be used like chick peas to make dips and and as a crumb on meats. Start experimenting and eat up!


Can we believe a word they say ?
Where is Peter Hannam now rabbiting on about above average temperatures ? No where to be seen.
More propaganda by those being propped up by every tax payer in AU. If renewables are viable then a RET won't have any bearing on the industry's future will it. Either they produce competitive power or they don't, facts are they don't and only survive because of Govt help, hence the propaganda train pushing for it to continue.
02/09/14 01:27 AM
And maybe stop charging irrigators for water that they don't use. Oh 17% allocation - nah mate expect a 100% bill in the mail, super fair. I get that it isn't the point of the article, still needs attention.
01/09/14 11:10 PM
Meanwhile Australia breaches Iraq's sovereignty by supplying arms directly to the Kurds.
Just a matter of which side of the fence your on.
01/09/14 10:30 PM


Last week we had a media conference with Dick Smith and Graham Turner, both successful millionaires and both concerned about environmental issues. The problem is not only Australia's population growth, driven by high immigration, but the global rate of population growth. During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion, and roughly doubled since 1970. Feeding more people, from the tip of the food chain, on declining natural resources is a "challenge" that's not being recognised enough. "Food security" is basically a population problem.
18/08/14 08:30 PM
So much of what Craig Davis says is on the mark. While some peak bodies do a great job of engagement with the wider community too many are hamstrung by governing models which belong in the last century. If you don't engage, if you don't rebut the falsehoods, groups which at their heart are anti farming gain traction and use the available media coverage for their agenda. Too often the heavy lifting on issues such as the PETA campaigns are left to passionate individuals rather than industry having basically pre prepared responses ready to go. It is not rocket science.
05/08/14 09:45 PM
A major success industry; improving quality of product, selling at increasingly higher unit prices, all achieved in a currency climate unfavourable to exports. The wine industry shows us that getting on with the job rather than sitting on acres whinging is a much more successful and honourable strategy. perhaps others could learn from their success?
18/07/14 12:11 PM


Do we demand and put inspectors into piggeries in other countries that we import pork products from?
If not, why not?
24/08/14 10:28 PM
I am sick of this current obsession by fringe extremist groups to legislate people to notify of cruelty to animals as though it is widespread. So now RSPCA wants jail terms to force members of the public to come running with any half baked nonsensical beat up about animal cruelty. What about the cruelty to the farmers and stockowners who are trying to operate their business under the burdens of every half witted community demand. Most of which comes from those who have already destroyed all natural habitats for their own urban homes but expect farmers to pay the price.
22/08/14 06:57 AM
Would be very pleased if Warrnambool city council could read this article and give its saleyards similar support.
21/08/14 09:53 PM
That is a great initiative. It would have been great if I can see some of the pictures of the project.
21/08/14 01:55 AM
Well said Wilkie, you nailed it.
19/08/14 09:03 PM


Biggest problem I see is as farms are getting larger and more corporate, dealers need to balance the needs of these large farms while at the same time not treating the needs of the smaller farmers as insignificant.
Still wouldn't be big enough to keep away the hypocritical BS spewed out by the labour market protectionist selective socialists on this site.
09/07/14 12:03 AM


Gee Neil, this is a rosy outlook - totally at odds with the comprehensive Rabo bank survey. You wouldn't be hopelessly conflicted by your cosy relationship with the Banks would you?
01/09/14 09:09 PM
The Chinese Investment Corporation must surely be an arm of the Chiniese Government which is buying up our farmland at an alarming rate. When do we stop this invasion or stop selling our sovereignty?
14/07/14 12:08 AM
Banks are just sharks, charging exorbitant interest to people who cannot pay.
13/07/14 10:25 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Australia's most vibrant industry now is property development and building housing! The fact that the downstream costs of infrastructure, loss of arable land, energy consumption, unaffordable housing, traffic gridlocks and threats to our food security remain ignored. Housing relies on continual population growth, and the costs are imbedded. Not all countries can be net importers of food, and Australia should have a more diverse economy, with food production being paramount. Housing is a dead-end industry.
01/09/14 07:07 AM
The first thing to do is abolish the insane policy they call UnilateralTrade Reform. Then the regions can repopulate themselves.
01/08/14 01:44 AM


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I would like to see weather prediction policy BAN the word 'event' when forecasting. Once rain
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Competition- CBH is currently wearing competition provision costs of above $2 mill . As a WA
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Can we believe a word they say ?
THE 'Women In Food and Agriculture Lunch' is set to be held on September 25 - and will feature a diverse range of panelists, linked by their love of food and agriculture.2:21 PM THE 'Women In Food and Agriculture Lunch' is set to be held on September 25 - and will feature a diverse range of...
CONCERNS have arisen that the Tasmanian government’s anti-protest legislation could see farmers arrested for holding ‘‘Lock The Gate’’ style protests against gas exploration on their own land.01 Sep 14 CONCERNS have arisen that the Tasmanian government’s anti-protest legislation could see farmers arrested for holding...