Here we go again- more Australian land to be flogged off to the highest foreign bidder.
02/10/15 12:19 AM
It's time for the Australian people to call Turnbull in for " a chat ".. Time he learnt what we want.
01/10/15 11:31 PM
Senator, pick up a hand shovel and lead off with that. Fact dairy farm stocking numbers per acre and water use is the only manageable solution to this issue. Giving water away to foriegn investors is the National party drum this will not help local farmers, this may be the crisis scream for help. While you have good intentions all this talk is rubbing the stuff that comes out the back side in the growers faces, as it is only talk, not a plan in action.
So James travelled as a guest of the Govt or us as taxpayers. I hope this isn't all he is going to write on this topic. What about some substance about how it will work? Not just telling the city they are subsidising those of us that have no essential services. If I am already getting NBN sat, will my speed increase? I assume it will stay pathetically slow, the new sat will be used to over subscribe new users, just like the old one did. Are all NBN sat users going to get better speeds James or only those hooking up onto the new NBN sat?
01/10/15 07:00 AM
We had the best wheat brand in the world through AWB until Rudd Labor and Nelson's Liberals abolished the legislation.
01/10/15 04:56 AM


And the merchant/ middlemen just go on winning and the grower suffers further loss of equity in the system- it was always going to be this way under deregulation.
01/10/15 04:53 AM
Just PR and spin ... all growers need to remember is GRDC takes your money whether you make money or not. Levies are derived from tonnes produced not after tax profits. That is neither fair nor equitable. Research needs to be needs driven not legally enforced.
30/09/15 12:24 AM
With the flawed regional voting process where all regions vote for the directors from each region and other contentious practices it is virtually impossible for an outsider to gain a place on the GGL Board.
29/09/15 08:16 PM
This is about politics and oneupmanship.
The overall benefits of GM are waining and unless the scientists come up with drought , salt , frost tolerance we are wasting time & money and combating sales resistance.
In the meantime we await new strains which if they eventuate will be expensive.
This money will go to o'seas shareholders.
28/09/15 11:20 PM
Sounds like a well deserved win. Links with good science and working with top researchers and agribusiness. Bob
28/09/15 08:41 AM


Meteorology has always been an obsessive passion of mine ever since I can remember. New technology such as this makes me very excited and I will always be a student of meteorology and I want to always be informed about any developments in the future.
01/10/15 07:32 AM
Does the writer understand that the only thing that made roundup cost effective in our fallows was the end of its patent monopoly and knockoffs from China? Do u really expect listed companies will put more back in our pockets and have u followed recent strengthening of IP. How many fat people did u see in Europe, are u suggesting that they don't have the right to their own laws in their country and that US corporate scientists opinions are final. How about the other geopolitical factors that go with food production, Kissinger "control food and you control the people".
30/09/15 06:23 AM
More MLA Disneyland nonsense.
29/09/15 10:29 AM
Well spoken Barnaby- Shorten showed an utter contempt for rural Australia in his utterances.
29/09/15 08:22 PM
Is Bill Shorten for real?!
Two weeks after the Nationals were able to leverage Turnbull on water and other issues he ((Bill) dishes up this rubbish.
27/09/15 08:51 PM


So now do we sell our mango farms to the Chinese?!
Our political urban elite decision makers seem to believe that if we have something that the Chinese or other foreign interests want we just sell the land to them and let them produce their own.
22/09/15 08:28 PM
Fruit bruising by customers is one factor, but variety is another.
The industry is pushing Hass, an inferior variety that browns easily, has unsightly dark strings and has a very narrow window of edibility between hard and spoiled. Green-skinned varieties tend to be superior on all these counts and often have better taste too.
09/08/15 10:56 PM


MLA again makes my point for me. This government agency disguised as a "producer owned company" cannot identify its members or their voting entitlement. It therefore cannot keep a proper register of members and cannot issue a proper notice of meeting. Accordingly any business passed at the meeting will be invalid.
At 500c they would be better than some lambs. Lamb prices are pathetic. No wonder sheep numbers keep falling. Lambs cost too much to produce to make a reasonable profit at 500c. I hope the processors are buying up land because they may have to grow their own lambs if prices don't increase soon.
24/09/15 08:20 AM
Bugger off with these phony trade agreements which are undertaken with no due dilligence or economic review. What about ISDS Barnaby?. Remember frozen berries, who is to say the Austn taxpayer wouldn't have had his backside kicked when that company sued us in their own court, under their own rules, didn't our forefathers fight for our own sovereignty?, why disrespect that?. For some reason Canberra or farmer orgs aren't discussing this, obviously u are puppets.
09/09/15 03:04 AM
If they are going to change NVD's then a rebate should be available on any unused forms. That might make them think twice about changing these every couple of years.
04/09/15 11:10 AM
Good idea to report as this is the way of the future. No risk of picking up disease in yards, very full description of what you are buying is provided, able to ask questions before the sale and get an honest answer, Can set a reserve and so not have to bring the sheep home because they are still in the paddock, much less stress on the livestock, can negotiate with losing bidder after the auction if passed in, only one cost of freight (picked up by buyer). Yes the assessor has to be honest and independent but with time then confidence will build in their ability. Publicise how it works more!
02/09/15 01:16 PM


CPD bars of this design will never be mandatory because they are dangerous. Design a better system and you will have much greater support. The New Zealond one seems a much better design but it is hard to get much info on it.
21/09/15 08:48 PM


WHY? We had better start learning Chinese now because they will soon control a large part of our rural sector. They won't need to buy from us they will just send their own product home therefore also avoiding paying income tax as it won't be sold here. They won't buy inputs here as they can ship them much more cheaply form China. How can people be such short sighted idiots.
The war my grandparents so much feared won't happen, we are just giving them our country.
27/09/15 10:25 PM
Big money for lighthouse
14/09/15 08:19 AM
Great news Cargill and any other foreign entity that wants a piece of Australia as more of our farm land goes out the door.
And the experts who manage this country will tell us that we need foreign investment as they continue to allow the sell off prime highly developed assets.
14/09/15 12:23 AM
Does this milk go to China or to the domestic market?
11/08/15 12:33 AM


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Speaking of opinions, I note the only studies you take seriously WTF are those that support your
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CBH prices for WA GM and non-GM canola delivered to ports are published each week in table and
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The whole basis of your argument is that geneflow does not occur in species that cross
ANIMALS have been front and centre of Wendy Parish's life since she was a child growing up on her parents' dairy farm near Colac in south-west Victoria.27 Aug 15 ANIMALS have been front and centre of Wendy Parish's life since she was a child growing up on her parents' dairy...
AN equine influenza outbreak in 2007 triggered Rebecca Stacey to kick-start a career in agriculture.27 Aug 15 AN equine influenza outbreak in 2007 triggered Rebecca Stacey to kick-start a career in agriculture.