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We had the best wheat brand in the world up until 23rd June 2008 and then Rudd and the Liberals handed the marketing of our wheat to the merchants.
You can forget about brands and wheat whilst ever we a multi seller system.
15/04/14 09:48 AM
now that the the processors want milk they simplify the payment system. before you needed a law degree to just work out if were not getting a bill at the end of the month. my how things change when the processors want volume.
17/04/14 12:58 AM
We have been struggling with our farm debt. Despite this, we have always repaid our bank loan. It appears that our tripping point is our low equity. We began farming at the start of the great drought, 10 yrs ago. The bank, back at the beginning, assessed us as a viable business. We have just been told by our banker that if we continue to pay the interest only to our farm loan, we cannot be foreclosed. Is that right? If this is really the case, we would have had money for holidays, and a healthier lifestyle over the past 10 yrs.
I could have gone to dreamworld with my daughter when needed.
15/04/14 11:11 PM
Your snookered Tony, the obvious answer is sell the farm, no political party in their right mind would allow workers in. Now your negotiating with big guys, but dont worry soon we will be on their wage conditions in our country and they won't need to import theirs.
14/04/14 10:58 PM
Great news, if we go down this path we will have a prosperous future. If we sell them the farm we will head to 3rd world serfdom
14/04/14 07:33 PM


Get out the broken record Jock. And where in the world is quality actually increasing? You have had 3 currency crises this year in significant wheat exporting countries Argentina, Ukraine and Russia. Massive debt problems in the US and Europe leading to cuts in breeding resources. China and India well they ust eat what they produce and any surplus goes to the rats. This is a mute argument. All you need to watch is the basis and that is telling everyone that Australian wheat is in demand out of Asia and with the Russian/Ukraine crisis pretty soon the Middle East will be back here buying
16/04/14 10:47 PM
You get the feeling that a whole lot of foreign investors in that part of the world, the great FSU, saviour to satisfy insatiable growing grain demand, are about to get their fingers burnt. Farmers are struggling to get credit to finish this crop off and some would probably be wondering whether it is all worth it if the Ruskies confiscate it anyway.
Australia will be the big winner out of this kind of instability. There is none so safe a place for doing business as here. The biggest risk is having a bar fight with one of the few xenophobes commonly posting on this forum.
16/04/14 06:32 AM
What!! CO2 is not really a fertiliser after all!! Gee, Golly Gosh, who would have thought that that the scientists were right after all??
12/04/14 09:16 PM
Compeition solves a whole manner of market inefficiencies and in this case the winner will be NSW growers in this catchment. Not only will costs be lowered,that also flows through to benefit land prices in those catchments.
11/04/14 05:27 AM
They have no idea our sugarcane crops are much superior.
09/04/14 10:04 AM


Looks and smells like a mini version of the UN to me.Get the hell out of there CCA!
14/04/14 09:16 PM
Value adding and being a price maker rather than a price taker defines many of the BAM members who are successfully growing their businesses. These businesses also are flexible in the quantities that they require to be ordered, are able to customise, solve problems for the customer, deliver quick turnarounds, give guarantees and keep in contact with the customer. Businesses competing on price are in a spiral of cutting costs, reducing margins, it is just a race to the bottom and is not sustainable.
Yes, Jan. Agree completely. But surely Australia's consumers will benefit, won't they? Cheaper Japanese whitegoods and such? Well, no. Because of our myopic commitment to free-trade-at-any-cost over the last thirty years or so, our tariffs on such manufactured goods are already at a tiny 5%. Which means that reduced Australian tariffs on imported goods from Japan will have bugger all effect on prices. Seems like a pretty poor deal all round.
11/04/14 11:07 PM
Good to see some balanced reporting on the "Trade Deal"- the use of the word "Free" is a little fast and loose! When dealing with people whos idea of a short term investment window is some where in the vicinity of a generation, any agreement on change is a victory!
09/04/14 11:31 PM
CSIRO just needs to slim down its bloated head office (communications staff, performance managers, organisational specialists) to pre-2000 levels, and the saving is already achieved.
13/04/14 11:56 PM


It appears that Ausveg and Potatoes SA are on the same page on the issue of biosecurity risk with NZ imports - so why won't Ausveg accept the whole of value chain jurisdiction and work constructively with Potatoes SA who clearly represent the potato industry which is dominated by South Australian producers?
Let a bloke burn long enough & he's grateful when you piss on him.
05/03/14 12:29 PM
I don't think it's accurate to claim that AUSVEG is "Sheltered". In the last 12 months AUSVEG has held 2 annual levy payer meetings. 11 regional levy payer meetings, 6 Enviroveg seminars, 9 potato extension program seminars, attended and promoted 5 veggycation seminars and run a field day to promote the 1800 agronomist program. This is in addition to meetings with Plant Health Australia, Horticulture Australia, the Dept of Agriculture and being involved in working groups for issues such as spray drift or biosecurity.
It is O- week, uni challenge maybe??
24/02/14 06:33 AM


You didn't go very hard mate more to story than that.
10/04/14 12:37 AM
It is obvious that Mayor Morris is taking a fair amount of liberty in saying the council hears everyday that the Saleyards is a positive action by the council. The residents of Miners Rest have fought this facility since it was first suggested to be placed in this new suburban area where the residents have been encouraged to move out there by the council and real estate community over the last four or five years. Now the council is allowing the possible relocating of the saleyards to the area, there will be 4000-plus people living within two kilometres of the facility if built, very smart.
Saudi Arabia claims that ESCAS is an intrusion on its sovereignty, that is somewhat of the pot calling the kettle black. Saudi Arabia could easily increase the level of chilled and frozen meat exported to the Kingdom from Australia by relaxing import protocols for Australian exporters. Saudi Arabia has a separate listing to most other Arab nations and require processing facilities adhere to their own set of strict guidelines, yet the neighbouring countries are more than satisfied with the regular Australian standards.
13/04/14 11:08 PM
There maybe transparency in the live cattle trade to SE Asia where receipient countries are endeavouring to implement humane slaughter practices but the same cannot be said for the middle east.
Saudi authorities insist they are a sovereign nation and will continue the present barbaric practices and Barnaby failed to insist this will not be tolerated either by producers or the general public. Either they change their inhumane ethical standards or have oil for dinner.
12/04/14 01:19 AM
i love your bulls
10/04/14 12:15 AM


Is the AgEagle any good for mustering large paddocks.
14/03/14 12:18 AM
Droughts Tractor pulls washed out twice , all in 2013 everything that can go wrong will go wrong in Queensland .


Maybe we are better off to zag than zig on foreign investment,me wonders if the Indos may be a better place to go than china who will break us if we become too dependent on them? They already buy a lot off us I think?, plus the wealth effect will spread thru to the rest of Asia perhaps
15/04/14 03:18 AM
Anyone want to go shares
12/04/14 11:56 PM
In Australia we may be getting price and value mixed up again. The biggest contributor to higer prices was easy access to credit, this has almost no correlation with the productive capacity/profitability of an asset class. You don't make a country great by buying and selling farms to each other at massive gains, it becomes great because what you produce is best in class and conditions are equitable for all.
07/04/14 03:25 AM
Some interesting figures here, and not surprised that McBank won't comment. Income of $75m and fees to McBank of $9.4m is a pretty good return for them, maybe not for investors. Even without any operating costs, assuming a $670m investment investors are getting an 8.6% cash yield with falling asset values (if they could actually realise the assets). Would be an interesting article to compare performance against top quartile family farms to see whether Pitt St can do it better - me thinks not. Some open disclosure would be great Macquarie, but highly unlikely unfortunately
07/04/14 01:41 AM
I demand that the current Federal Government buy these properties and give them back to their rightful owners!
30/03/14 09:55 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Anyone know how the bull rider hurt on Saturday at Corryong is progressing?
08/04/14 01:40 PM
Nice promo for the feedlot, but the unprecedented severity of the drought and disappearance of the snow pack is the real story for the tens of millions of people dependent upon it.
13/04/14 07:21 AM
"the UN predicts that with the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, food production will increase by 70 per cent..." Just how are natural plant/animal physiologies, ecological systems and natural resources meant to meet this challenge? Dr Norman Borlaug, the Father of the Green Revolution in his 1970 Nobel Prize speech, warned of the "population monster", yet nothing has been done in the last 30 years to limit human fertility levels. Our reprieve is over, and the global "food security" issue is a euphemism for a looming Malthusian crisis - yet it is ignored.
15/02/14 09:17 PM


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Yes nico. They told us lies and they have admitted that.
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Jillaroo, Government is part of this plan. CCA and RMAC are government officials, and because
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now that the the processors want milk they simplify the payment system. before you needed a law
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