Prices back at Yelta

30 Nov, 2012 03:00 AM
Jim Treloar, Wadnaminga Station, Olary, sold 261 June/July 2011-drop ewes for $78.
Jim Treloar, Wadnaminga Station, Olary, sold 261 June/July 2011-drop ewes for $78.

PRICES at last Wednesday's sale at Yelta came back on the October sale, to be similar to the previous week's Jamestown market.

Elders Mildura's Kelvin Fitzgerald said the lower prices were not unexpected.

"Prices were back from the previous month, but then every market in Australia has come back from the previous month," he said,

"The results were comparable to other local sales."

Last Wednesday's sale was the final one for the year at Yelta.

"The quality of the yarding wasn't as good as the last sale, but neither were the prices," Mr Fitzgerald said.

"We were happy with the result, we thought it could be even tighter with the way the market's gone. The vendors were also pleased with the outcome."

The trade was represented at the sale by T&R Pastoral, Midfield and Ararat Meat.

Buyers came from Loxton, SA, Bendigo, Wycheproof, Avoca and Swan Hill.

Topping the market with the first pen at the sale were CJ Barnes & Sons, Haythorpe, Menindie, NSW, who sold a line of 277 July/August 2011-drop, October-shorn, Greenfields-blood ewes for $100 a head.

Hot on Haythorpe's heels was Greg Pollard, Warrananga Station, Wentworth.

Mr Pollard made the second-top price at the sale with a line of 272 June/July 2011-drop, September-shorn, Warrananga-blood ewes for $99.

Avondale Rural Trading, Broken Hill, sold 225 May/June 2011-drop ewes for $92.

AJ&PA McBride, Teetulpa, Yunta, sold 585 August/September 2011-drop ewes for $91, along with a line of 503 August/September 2011-drop ewes for $73.

Jim Treloar, Wadnaminga Station, Olary, sold 261 June/July 2011-drop, October-shorn Ashrose-blood ewes for $78.

Looking at breeding ewes, Avondale made the top price with a line of 183 June/July 2009-drop, November-shorn Mulloorie-blood ewes for $84. They also sold a line of 147 June/July 2008-drop ewes for $70.

Wadnaminga Station sold 471 June/July 2007-drop ewes for $51.

CW Scadding, Belvedere, sold 132 Dohne/Merino June/July 2009 and 2010-drop ewes, April-shorn, Pindari and Moorundie Park-blood for $58.

Minda Props, Tarcoola, Poon-carie, sold 486 April/May 2012-drop, September-shorn Collins-ville and Warrananga-blood wethers for the top price of $53.

Jamie Fitzgerald, Clarebank, Ivanhoe, NSW, made the second-top price for wethers at $51, with a line of 379 May/June 2012-drop, August-shorn Gunneramby-blood that went to Stuart McLean, Glenleth, Wycheproof, Victoria.

Springwood Pastoral Co, Wentworth, made $50 with a line of 714 wethers.

In crossbred lambs, Court Nareen, Pooncarie, made the top price with a line of 251 Poll Dorset/White Suffolks, May/June 2012-drop, unshorn, for $63.50.

Clarebank made $52.50 with a line of 129 Poll Dorset-cross May-June 2012-drop lambs.

Kelso, Wentworth, made $43 with a line of 54 crossbred lambs, June/July 2012-drop.

Roger Bros, Wood Wood, Swan Hill, sold 13 White Suffolk 2011-drop rams to Minda Props, Pooncarie, for $550.

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Love the country
30/11/2012 8:06:59 AM, on Stock & Land

Grab the money, wa sheep prices in free fall, and it crashed over a few weeks.just check wa sheep prices, top ewes 30 to 40$, lambs hopeless, saw good merino lbs make 25$ the other day, check muchea sheep prices, top Xbox lbs 55$.no money in sheep here at the moment,but it will return big time, farmers are now dumping.
zero till
2/12/2012 8:44:32 PM, on The Land

Theres money in cropping!


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