Gotlands a triple treat

04 Mar, 2013 03:00 AM
Cheryl Crosbie with some of the Gotland sheep on her Violet Town property.
Cheryl Crosbie with some of the Gotland sheep on her Violet Town property.

THE decision to import Gotland genetics has been a wise investment for Cheryl Crosbie from Violet Town.

Mrs Crosbie has been working with Gotland sheep, rare in Australia, for the past three years and said they are a triple purpose sheep who provide the opportunity to supply a meat, wool and pelt market.

“Lambs are born jet black and change to a grey colour by five months of age,” Mrs Crosbie said.

“The Gotland breed has a high quality grey curly-pelt which is soft to handle and has a high lustre and low bulk.

“They are a polled breed with a black face and black nostrils and no wool on the poll or legs.”

The decision to work with the rare breed wasn’t a choice made overnight for Mrs Crosbie who spent two years researching the breed before importing genetics from Gotland studs in Finland and Denmark.

She currently has a flock of 60 head which she will use to form a stud a build numbers to 80 pure Gotland ewe as well as 50 crossbred Gotland ewes.

Mrs Crosbie and her husband Warren also run a commercial crossbreed flock on their property but will phase this out as the Gotland enterprises build up.

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    red robin
    4/03/2013 10:48:14 AM, on Farm Weekly

    Will they need mulesing?
    5/03/2013 7:08:35 PM, on The Land

    Some of the Gotlands have a small area of skin around the genital area,I have no need to mulese and at this stage have never had a fly stike ???why


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