UK's wheat downgrade

30 Nov, 2012 11:57 AM

THE UK has suffered through some of its worst test weight results in wheat on record, as a result of a wet and cold summer that disrupted harvest.

An official survey in Britain found there was widespread downgrading of wheat, primarily due to low test weights because of harvest rain.

The report found that the average British wheat test weight was 69.6kg/hl (the lowest on record.

The figure was down on last year's 78.7kg/hl, and the falling numbers average was 237 seconds.



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light grey arrow is a denialist website that promotes the alarmist agenda Nico.
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Friend of MM,Fitzgibbon has made no mention of medicinal hemp,he is talking industrial
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Carter is factually wrong eg '' no global warming for 18 years '' is he Nico ? Well TELL us Nico